fields of memories and memories of fields

This time of year is festival season in the UK. It’s kicked off with Download & Isle of Wight, followed by Glastonbury, and then Global Gathering, Virgin Festival and then rounded off by Leeds and Reading. The best, IMO, is Glastonbury. I am a bit biased though! In 2002 I went to Glastonbury for the first time with my best friend and her boyfriend. And apart from it being one of the most amazingly freeing experiences in my life, I met Gary – my now husband. So that was 7 years ago this weekend 🙂

from the glastonbury Q times a year after we ment
from the glastonbury Q times a year after we ment

Glasto (as we veterans call it :D) is amazing for a lot of reasons. First of all, you’re in Somerset in the sun in the fields. There’s a very spiritual element to the place. Not far from Stone Henge and situated very near ley lines, there’s a buzz about it. You’re living in the elements, tenting it and without showers and proper loos, there’s a real sense of everyone ‘surviving’ it together. I’ve managed to avoid the mud every time I’ve been – but when it gets muddy, it really gets muddy. My sister went one of the years they were having to treat people for trench foot!

I’m also very addicted to listening to music, live and outside. It’s as if you can hear the music on the wind. And that’s literally true sometimes. Lying in your tent, getting a quick nap, and you can hear the music from the stages waving in and out as the wind changes direction. There’s nothing better.

I met Gary, one night, after watching Garbage, followed by a little Coldplay. We met in a dance field underneath a tree filled with lit up paper stars – fairly romantic!

So every year when it’s Glasto time, I go a little insane. The price of the ticket and the methods you have to go about getting a ticket are a little mad now, so I don’t know whether I’ll go back any time soon. But seeing the pictures and hearing the radio coverage brings it all back to me all too clearly. And so a little part of me goes back to those fields every year, and a little part of my soul wants to be there in reality. I’ve never felt more free in any place in the world, as I did there and that year.

(see what I’m gushing about :

One thought on “fields of memories and memories of fields

  1. Sounds like a great place! How fun! And Coldplay… yay! 🙂

    Went to that site, tickets are pricey… wow!

    Oh and good luck on the new blog… I love the name and layout!

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