Gone too Soon

I dwelled for a while over whether I really wanted to write a blog on the subject of Michael Jackson’s death. And decided in the end that if I want to use my blog as a vent, a soap box for my opinions, I really ought to. So here it is.

Michael Jackson, in my opinion, was and is a legend. A unique spirit whom very very few understood. Maybe now he’s gone, we might be able to understand him better.  Firstly I want to just say I understand other people have opinions, and they are all valid. But I wish people with a very small understanding of things wouldn’t jump on the bandwagon and disrespect someone who has died. I also want to say, if you disrespected him two days ago, don’t today all of a sudden have a deep love for the man. Stick by your convictions, but make sure they’re *your* convictions.

I grew up listening to Michael Jackson’s music. I remember many road trips with the family listening to Bad on the car’s tape player. Learning all the words and singing along. I also remember when Thriller came out. I was so scared of the video, that the song scared me so much too! Once I went with my big sister to one of her friend’s houses, and she was playing Thriller on her little vinyl player, on repeat. I was too shy to ask her to turn it off, so spent the day in a cold sweat! One thing my Mum remembers is going to pick me and my sister up from school discos, and noting that the boys were also dancing. She said it was Michael’s influence, that meant it was okay for boys to dance for the first time. Little kids saw him as an idol and tried to emulate his moves at primary school dances!!

I’ve always supported the theory that the allegations against him were from money grabbers. Part of it is not wanting to believe he could do anything like that, I know. But also, I think those money grabbers were taking advantage of a man who was seen as strange and strange looking, and someone they couldn’t understand. People are afraid of that.  Michael always had the Peter Pan factor. I’ve compared him with Britney Spears before – both thrust into the spotlight at a young age, not allowed to be children, and then when they do grow up they behave unusually, and are broken down by the very people who put them through it in the first place – the public and the media. He wanted to be a child and live his childhood and couldn’t relate to adults. So he spent his time with children and he lived like one, and behaved like one. No one taught him how to behave, so he did what he did. And people couldn’t understand it.

At Gary and my wedding, we had quite a few Off The Wall tracks played. Whenever his music came on people wanted to dance, and smiled and felt happy. That’s what he wanted to inspire and he did. We had tickets to see him at the 02 in London in August and it’s a shame we won’t get to see him. But better now, than on stage. And however he died, I’m getting the impression it was his wish. They haven’t announced how he died, suicide/assissted suicide, natural causes – who knows. He’s going to be playing in his own Neverland where no one can criticise him any more. And let’s let his memory live on in his music and his dance. An inspiration to many. As P Diddy said in the last 24 hrs “he showed me you can actually see the beat” – that struck a chord with me.

2 thoughts on “Gone too Soon

  1. Very well written. You’re completely right. I hate that people are disrespecting him – a friend posted on twitter “oh maybe he’s just faking it?” Um, hello?

    Youre also right about the Britney Spears comparison. I read somewhere that someone thought that he had just basically regressed into a child. I can see that, poor guy never had much of a childhood.

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