Man, it’s a HOT one!

Us Brits like to moan about the weather – too much rain, too cold, no summer. Well this year we’re moaning about the heat. And it’s because we’re just not used to it! It got to 32c today which is unusual for England. I’ve discovered I’ve not got enough really hot weather clothing – everything’s still too warm to wear!

I work in a clothes shop and thankfully we’ve got air conditioning on the shop floor, but upstairs is sweltering. We have to make sure we’ve got nothing big to do upstairs in the afternoon, or else we’ll all pass out!

It is nice though, I just wish there was a nice outdoor pool somewhere near because sitting next to that is just what I need 🙂 We’ve got rain and thunderstorms forcast on Thursday and Friday. Let them begin 🙂

2 thoughts on “Man, it’s a HOT one!

  1. Oh my, only 32? Lol, I think that’s about 89 or 90 degrees. Lately it’s been in the 100s, with far too much humidity.

    That being said, at least here in Texas we know to expect the hot weather. Over in England, not so much. I vaguely recall spending time in England when it was hot and so many people didn’t have AC!

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