Mood Music

It’s interesting how music can lift your mood. I was thinking about this during my day at work today. For the last 6 months we’ve been listening to normal music intermingled with spanish music (Mexico being the theme of our season at work). It was okay for a while but then it started to grate. On Friday we got a new cd and it was pretty much all new music. And it was the kind of music we don’t usually have. It’s all pretty cool (Free Bird, Purple Haze, The Chain, Sex on Fire). 

Considering how tired and headachey I felt today, I was pleasantly surprised at how much the music lifted my mood. I kept turning it up until it was beyond an acceptable shopping level…… oops! But it got me to thinking how music effects me. No matter how rubbish I feel, there’s always some band’s music I can put on and it’ll match my mood.

When I was an angsty teen, all I wanted to listen to was Sarah McLachlan. I can’t listen to her now, because it is just way too angsty. During my G.C.S.Es all I listened to was Astro Lounge by Smash Mouth. I like my pop/ska 😀 The first song I remember ever feeling strongly about was ‘Think Twice’ by Celine Dion (I know).  I couldn’t get enough of it. I yearned for the song. Listening back now I can hear to empty it is, but back then I loved it so much. Full of Grace by Sarah McLachlan was another one. It played at the end of the episode ‘Becoming pt 2’ of Buffy (season 2 finale). And it made me cry so much, I had to skip that track on her album. Sad yes.

The only album I can safely say I can listen to over and over without fail or getting bored of is Static and Silence by The Sundays. My absolute favourite album. Best listened to in the summer and preferably at night, but I can happily put it on and I’m away. Ryan Adams is one musician I have to be in the mood for. I was deeply in love with his music for a long while, and then went off it completly. I referred to it as being ‘on a break’ from him. I’m getting back into it though. He’s truely one of the most talented song writers I’ve ever heard.

But the band who blow all other artists out of the water, and my current source of mood music is Radiohead. I always get frustrated when people say Radiohead are depressing. They obviously haven’t ever listened to them. They’ve maybe heard them, but not listened (there is a difference!). They are uplifting and emotive and make truely original music. I saw them for the first time in 1995, supporting R.E.M at the Milton Keynes Bowl. I’ve seen them 3 more times since (Glastonbury, Earl’s Court, Victoria Park) and they never fail to deliver. My favourite song ever, of any artist, is Let Down which is on their 1997 album OK Computer. I can only describe the song as sparkley – and anyone who knows me knows how much I’m attracted to anything that shines or glitters. The song makes me see stars.

At the moment I’m addicted to In Rainbows. I loved it when it came out in 2007. I think it must have been the Twilight link that got me back into it again (15 Steps is the track at the end of the movie), but right now I have the album on repeat and it’s not getting old. If you haven’t heard it, I recommend you do! And if you’re new to Radiohead and you don’t know where to start, I’d say listen to The Bends and then In Rainbows (and by then you’ll be addicted and want to hear the other albums!)

I just love how music can make you feel. You can hate a band and then hear one of their songs in a certain environment and all of a sudden you love them! That works for me when I go to a festival. If I soak up the environment, I all of a sudden love the band I’m watching! A song can make you happy, sad, energetic, your pulse race (Angel by Massive Attack anyone?), can tell a story and remind you of an event in your life. I love it!!

Can you tell I’m a music fan?

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