Sometimes they’re bad, sometimes they’re good

I love movies, and try and watch them as much as I have time for. I don’t have enough dosh to go to the cinema as much as I’d like. When I was about 17 me and a friend used to go to the cinema every Tuesday and just watch whatever was on. (That’s how I ended up seeing Zoolander….. urgh!)

Anyway, we recently acquired some vouchers for free rentals at Blockbuster and so we decided to take advantage of those. We saw two movies last weekend and one this weekend.

Last Friday night we watched Knowing. It’s got Nicolas Cage in it. The only movie I’ve ever really liked him in was Bringing Out The Dead. That stuck with this movie too. It was a bit rubbish imo. Very loose plot lines stuck together with sticky tape. Some great special effects of disasters though. But. anyone who knows me well will know I hate movies that change genre half way through. I hate when you think you’re watching sci-fi and it changes to supernatural. I hate when it’s realistic and they change it to something so out there at the end. I felt that way about The Green Mile and White Noise too. So I felt it was all a bit strange with this movie.

Then on Saturday we watched Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist. I really enjoyed this one. It had some funky music and it was filmed well. I really like the actors anyway. Although there was too much throwing up (I have a severe phobia to vomit, fake or real) which means I probably will never watch it again. But it had that nice arty independent feel to it. I would like to see Michael Cera in another kind of film though.

And so we reach last night. We rented Let The Right One In. For those who haven’t heard of it, it’s a Swedish horror movie about a young boy living in the 80’s who befriends his young female neighbour. She just so happens to be a vampire. (Now I will add here, this has nothing to do with my Twilight obsession. This movie intrigued me a long while ago.) It’s based on a book, and shot in Swedish and shown with English subtitles. It’s dark, arty and the music is beautiful. It’s more a romantic film with a bit of horror spliced into it. If you found the beauty in Pan’s Labyrinth then you’ll find it in this movie too. The young actors are incredible. It’s amazing you can look at the face of a young girl with blood pouring from her eyes and hair line, and think she’s beautiful, but you do! I think it’s a dvd I’ll be buying soon!

So what’s next? Well, as a birthday treat next weekend I shall be going to see The Time Traveler’s Wife with my husband. It’s one of my all time favourite books and I’m looking forward to seeing how it’s translated onto screen, though I won’t have my expectations too high!

I just have to work out how to wait for New Moon…….. 😀

2 thoughts on “Sometimes they’re bad, sometimes they’re good

  1. I saw Let The Right One In in theatres here and was blown away. I want it on DVD but for some reason the company that released it on DVD in America changed the subtitles so they aren’t as direct a translation as the theatrical version. People protested so they said they are going to redo the DVD but I can’t buy it yet!

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