Click click, flash, flash

So, you’ll probably have guessed I’m a photographer in my free time. I like to record my days and my various outings by taking snaps. I always have. Current social networking and technology makes this very easy. I twitpic, I facebook and I Flickr. It’s hopeless really.

I love digital photography. The ease of use and the immediacy of it all. I can take a photo, view it and re-adjust my shot to improve it. But it always seems less emotional than a film photograph. I love how you can tell when a photo’s been taken on film just by looking at it. There’s more depth and texture. The colours are different and the shots always look deeper.

So, my Dad’s always been a photo man. He’s got a Pentax somewhere which he has said he will give to me. I said of course I’d take it, but he has to agree to show me how to use it. And I’m excited, but also nervous. You can’t see what your photo’s going to look like until it’s developed! Let’s see what happens!

One thought on “Click click, flash, flash

  1. I have the same feeling about shooting on film for movies. I love that I can still make a movie with digital and it helps me at this stage a lot for cost, time saved, etc. But I want to be able to shoot on film at some point and that is going to be scary – I won’t be able to see anything until it’s developed and printed from negative!

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