Whatever floats your boat

I was very aware that when I began to put photographs online for the general public to see, I may get some unwanted attention. As a female, I also knew that this would usually generate from the sexual side of things. But I wasn’t prepared for the extent that this would come from.

Yes I know I sometimes put pictures up that are a little risque, but they’re always tasteful and artfully done. But it’s still surprising. It happens to most of the female self-portraiters on flickr. We ask that you don’t add us if all you do is ‘collect’ pictures for your spank box. We ask that you don’t write distasteful comments on our photos or add notes onto them that imply you wish to do things to us. We ask nicely that if your photostream only consists of you holding your ‘male member’ in front of your camera lens, you don’t add us, or at least make your photos inside the ‘not safe’ barrier so we don’t have to see them when we block you. But these people don’t really follow the rules do they?

I hate feet, and have taken a long time to come to terms with my own feet. But I like shoes, and will photograph them sometimes with my feet inside. So whenever I post a shot up like that I usually get the foot fetishists coming out. My last foot shot didn’t get that kind of attention, but I think that was mostly because I had a conversation with a fellow flickrite within my comments about how much I disliked them! They got the hint! One guy got offended when I deleted his provocative message, and made out I didn’t like complements. I do like complements, but there are some I only like to hear from my husband!

It does, unfortunatly, change the way I take my photographs sometimes, and sometimes I am hestitant as to whether I should upload some of my pictures, because I don’t want that kind of attention. But I don’t want to put them up for just my friends because I like to make them available for everyone to see. So I guess I have to just get what I have coming to me when I upload. All I ask is that people keep their ‘fancies’ to themselves, and I’d rather they didn’t include me in them.

3 thoughts on “Whatever floats your boat

  1. aww.. fair call!!! I rarely comment on flickr… but yeah it would upset me if somebody did something like that under my work… luckily I rarely photograph people… or when I do I do not put them up!

    1. you don’t want that problem – the other day i had some Aussy guy say “i’d like to ask you out, but I’m from Australia so too far” – obviously the fact that you couldn’t see my face in the photo had no baring on his intentions, oh and the fact that he’s the kind of guy who wants to ask random faceless MARRIED women out over the internet…… Mmmm mmm that’s my kind of guy…. NOT!

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