Embracing my inner Geek

Hi there. My name is Erin and I’m a geek. And I’m rather proud of it too, thank you very much.

I’m quite happy to admit I have a very obesessive personality. I recall my first obesession was short lived. I was in love with Macaulay Culkin – for about 2 days. Then I was head over heels for Blur. I loved Damon Albarn and had pictures all over the wall. Then The X-Files – I knew names of episodes, actors, seasons, orders…. I even knew Mulder’s badge number off by heart…. Then it was Buffy and Angel. I must say I met a lot of great people through them. I had a pen-pal called Rick that I met in 1998 through an X-Files message board. We got along so well, that he even brought his new fiance to meet me 4 years later (we’d been writing that long!). We met for the first time at a Buffy meet in London. I’d been a regular visitor on a private Buffy forum called The Espresso Pump – I met some amazing people on there, who I’m still in contact with now.

When I met Gary he became my obsession so geeky stuff kinda took a back seat. Then I discovered that he was a huge Beatles fan, and all fell into place! He appreciates my geekyness as much as I appreciate his. It’s a match made in heaven!

So when I discovered my latest obsession (Yes, it’s the Twilight thing again) I was very surprised with how understanding he was. You see, the last time I had a geeky fan thing going on, I was a teenager and you expect that it’s all part of the growing up hormonal thing. But apparently that never goes away. And thinking about it, when I was meeting with my Buffy friends I was the youngest there – the rest ranged from early 20’s to mid 30’s.

I also am a bit of a merchandise whore, so it’s rather dangerous being a fan of something. My weekly emails include the Forbidden Planet newsletter! I have badges on my work lanyard, and i’m currently awaiting an order of US Twilight merchandise….. yes it costs a lot to be a geek. I remember saving money so hard once to buy the season 4 boxed set of the X-Files – it cost £80 (about $130)! 4 videos for £80! Then about 5 years ago you could get all the re-issued ones for peanuts in discount stores – that’s the rise of DVD for you.

I guess it’s all part of wanting to be part of the movement that’s created by being involved with something like this. That’s something I’ve noticed by becoming part of the Twilight fan thing. The fansites all co-operate with each other and share information. Even Summit (the movie production company) give priority information to the fansites with quotes from the directors. In my time of webmastering, you had to beware your content for fear of being sued! But it seems it’s a big Twilight family, and I like it.

So that’s me. A proud geek and never a sheep 🙂

And now I shall perform the dance of geekdom….. watch me now!

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