get the motor running, head out on the highway

So, today I passed my driving test! Woop! It was my second attempt, but I know that this time around my driving was much better and so if I’d failed I would have been very very disappointed.

Before I began to learn how to drive, I thought I would be the best driver ever. I thought it would be easy to learn and I thought I’d love it. Well, I learned pretty fast, and it’s not hugely hard and I do enjoy it, but I’m just a terrible learner. I’m the kind of person who hates learning new skills. I want to know how to do everything now, and be the best at it. I must get over that!

My first lesson, I hit another car. It was shocking, humiliating and made me afraid to drive for a long time. It wasn’t my fault. I hit some rubble in the road that neither me nor my instructor had seen, and ploughed straight into a parked car. The owner of which was standing in a school playground right by it and saw the accident happen. Thankfully she was really nice about it, and my instructor kept me very calm, dealt with it and then made me continue to drive. This event did make me very afraid to drive too close to other cars for fear of hitting them though. My instructor made me drive in narrow roads alongside parked cars for my next two lessons, which helped me get over that.

I failed my first test because I didn’t take my indicator off fast enough and created a misleading signal – therefore a straight fail. I thought this was a stupid thing to fail on, but now I’ve driven more and taken the test again, I know I’m a better driver now.

I’m so pleased, because it means that I can share the driving with my husband, and once I have a car of my own I can drive off to visit friends and go off shopping whenever I like. It’s a little bit of freedom I’ve never had. And I’m really looking forward to it!

Now I just have to get over the fear of motorways……

One thought on “get the motor running, head out on the highway

  1. Congratulations again!

    Its such a great feeling when you’ve been told you passed 😀 Y’know I still haven’t driven since I passed mine! I’d better brush up!!
    We should go drag racing!!!….wait no…lets not.haha

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