Three Years Ago, Today (aka the good f**cking sh*t list)

Gary and I got married in the garden of a little manor house, under a gazebo with our family watching, three years ago, today. The weather was beautiful and warm, the sun shone and the day went smoothly. We were surrounded by family and friends and it was 100% ‘us’. Music featured hugely in our day. I walked down the aisle of lavender to ‘Burying Song’ by Hem (who, when told their music was featuring heavily in our wedding, sent us a best wishes message via MySpace!). We signed the register to ‘New Slang’ by The Shins and ‘The Painter’ by Neil Young. Then we walked back down the ailse to ‘At my Most Beautiful’ by R.E.M. Our first dance was ‘When The Stars Go Blue’ by Ryan Adams.

I was thinking last night about all the stuff we’ve done since we met. And thought to myself “we’ve done some pretty great shit”! We’ve been together for 7 years altogether. So I decided to write a list, which I have named the ‘good f**cking sh*t’ list, and compiles all the things we’ve done that are just darn great. It’s not in any order, because I’m not quite *that* anal. So here goes:

We’ve been to New York (rained in once, snowed in once) 3 times, San Francisco (saw Jersey Boys) and Las Vegas (saw The Beatles Love show!) once. We’ve taken weekend breaks in London, Manchester and Liverpool. While in Liverpool we stayed in the new Hard Days Night Beatles Hotel and took the Magical Mystery Tour. In Manchester we visited the Trafford Centre and toured Old Trafford Football Stadium. We’ve also been to see Manchester Utd. play. In London we’ve seen West End shows (Jersey Boys!!), been to the cinemas they hold film premieres in and seen the sites. We’ve been to Glastonbury twice, V Festival twice. We’ve also been to the Abbey Road Film Festival to see The Lord of The Rings in Studio 1. We saw the stage production of When Harry Met Sally in London (starring Alyson Hannigan and Luke Perry) We’ve also seen Lee Evans twice and Eddie Izzard once. I know I’m missing things out too.

Amongst all those things, we’ve been to see tons of gigs and concerts (not counting the festivals) and if you can bare to sit through it, here’s my list!:

Ryan Adams (four times), The Frames, The Stills, The Wallflowers, Hem (twice), Sheryl Crow, Coldplay, Radiohead (twice), Red Hot Chili Peppers, R.E.M, David Gilmour, Paul McCartney, Hard Rock Calling (Neil Young & The Fleet Foxes), The Zombies, Heather Nova, Sigor Ros, Damien Rice (three times), The Foo Fighters, The Dixie Chicks and Norah Jones. And again I’m sure I’m missing some.

So, as you can probably tell, I’m pretty darn chuffed with what we’ve done so far. So you can understand that I must be very VERY excited with what’s to come. We’ve seen and experienced a lot together so far, I can NOT wait for the rest 🙂

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