Christmas is a four letter word

I love Christmas. I love it so much that I would gladly listen to the music and watch the movies all year. But pretty much only from December I actually allow myself to listen to the songs and watch the movies! This week, the shop I work in was allowed to put in it’s Christmas windows. As one of only 5 in the company doing this, it felt really special, but it also felt a little too early. Though saying that in about 3 weeks everyone else will have theirs in their shops so who am I to moan?

But it did get me to thinking about how much people love, and loath Christmas. Take my Mum for example. You can’t talk to her properly about Christmas until at least the end of November. Before then, if you dare to talk to her about it, you must refer to it as ‘the C word’. But get to the week of Christmas and she’s loving it – embracing it from all aspects.  Last year I began to put the Christmas music on in the shop at the end of October. Mostly because I wanted to hear what they had to play. But also because I like it. It made most of the staff hate me 😀  I adore Christmas time, as I think most people do. But I don’t understand how people can have a Christmas overload. I just don’t get it! Though I was surprised to find that a lot of Christmas adverts are showing on the TV already. It seemed they had a date when all of a sudden they were allowed to show them. I saw one for Hobbycraft the other day which had my favourite Christmas song on it – Christmas Wrapping by The Waitresses – Yay!

I love buying gifts for people, I love the food, music, movies, seeing family – and EVERYTHING sparkles! What’s not to love? I will be writing more about Christmas as we get closer, I’m sure.  And I intend to complete a ‘countdown to Christmas’ project on flickr, taking a Christmas themed photo for the first 24 days of December – and no doubt Christmas day’s photo will also be Christmas themed 😀

But until then, I’ll just stare at the tinsel and fairy lights in the shop window and wait for the time to come when I just can’t wait any longer and must put on the music and decorate the house.

I’m going to be unbearable!

3 thoughts on “Christmas is a four letter word

  1. Love Christmas, completely and utterly! Although I’m with you, I like to wait for it til December. Actually, I decorate the day after Thanksgiving.

    I have a friend that usually starts decorating now. Seems much to early.

    But the music, videos, books… all good. Although I suck at buying people things.. I’m only good at shopping for myself.

    1. Ooh I’m the best at buying for others. I get a spreadsheet made up and everything. Yes I’m a geek! This year we’re scaling it down though, to majorly save the pennies!

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