Getting into the Christmas spirit

So Christmas is only 21 days away! Yet, it doesn’t really feel like it to me. Usually by this time I’m gagging to get the decorations up, watch the movies and listen to the music. But I’m not really feeling it.

Anyone who knows me well will know I’m an annoying little excitable Christmas fairy this time of year. Looking at all things sparkely and getting into the cheer of it all. But it seems there’s less decorations up at the moment, and I haven’t done nearly as much present planning as I usually do.

So this Sunday we’re putting up the tree. I’m hoping it’s going to kick start it all. Gary’s never been a real Christmas person, but he’s more excited than me! We’ll put on some movies and then the tree will go up and we’ll eat chestnuts.

Next weekend is my work Christmas party so I’ll get a few cocktails down me and we’ll see 🙂

One thought on “Getting into the Christmas spirit

  1. Wow 3 weeks, I didn’t realize! I’m like you right now, usually I’m super excited about christmas and so far I’ve been just meh. But I’m hoping my parents and I will decorate this weekend too, it should help!

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