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At the end of 2008 I found out that my sister was pregnant with her second child. I found this out whilst we were away with family to attend a funeral. It felt kind of fitting. An end to a crappy year with a family member passing away, and the promise of an exciting event mid way through the next year.

So we began 2009 with a lot of expectation. Every year since we’ve been married, Gary and I have said to each other “next year will be better”. And thank God, 2009 was better. We celebrated our 3rd year of marriage, my nephew was born, and I was loving my job. I made some fantastic friends, and existing friendships grew closer. I visited amazing places and did fun things. I made plans for the next year, and grew up an awful lot.

I started 2009 absolutely shattered. Working in retail does that to you. While everyone else is enjoying a wonderful break (two weeks for some!) and a relaxing Christmas time, those who work in retail are facing their busiest period. There’s Christmas shoppers for at least two months before the big day, and then the day directly afterwards sees the sales start. People with bargain fever in their eyes, and crazy complainers who don’t understand how returns work. So for at least two months before and two weeks after Christmas, it’s mayhem. This leads to mucho exhaustion. So mid January I took a much needed week off from work. Gary and I decided to go to Liverpool and stay in the new Hard Day’s Night Hotel – a Beatles themed hotel – and take some Beatles related tours around the city for a few days. It was so much fun, to see the sights, get away, and enjoy each other’s company.

February saw the snow week. I got the flu and we got snowed into our estate for a week. The shop was closed for a lot of it, and people couldn’t get anywhere. We ran out of food and all I had was some frozen garlic, three red onions and some oxo cubes – so I made a make shift French Onion Soup. It didn’t turn out too bad!

In March we went to see Thriller Live!, a show in London celebrating Michael Jackson’s work . It was a bit rubbish, but I’m so glad we went. We had also bought tickets to see MJ at the O2 arena, but later events obviously changed that! So at least we’d seen a tribute.

In April I got my iPhone. It might seem like nothing of note, but if you’ve got an iPhone, you’ll understand 🙂 Once you’ve had an iPhone, you never go back.

In May, Gary and I took a trip to London. We spent a couple of days there seeing the sights and went to see a show, The Jersey Boys. It was our third time seeing it (once in San Francisco and twice in London).  Still after the third time we’d enjoyed it just as much as the first. Mid way through the month we had a heat wave and it felt like summer had arrived. It was wonderful. Gary and I spent on Sunday walking around the parks in Milton Keynes just basking in the sun. It was like being on holiday.

In June we went to the Hard Rock festival. We saw The Fleet Foxes and Neil Young, and had some amazing thunder storms both while we were there and the week preceding it.

July was when I was taken over by the Twilight Saga. I couldn’t believe I’d stuck my nose up to these books before, and all of a sudden was thrust into this wonderful world of Bella and Edward. The first book will always be a favourite and I still get those first time feelings when I re read it.

In August, my nephew was born. Little baby Jos is the first boy born into our family in a long time 🙂

In September I passed my driving test (second time) and that took a huge weight off my shoulders. Yes, I’m still a nervous driver but I passed, so that’s gotta count for something!

In October we went to Center Parcs for a week long break. Gary and I were both exhausted and in dire need of a break. We love to go to Center Parcs because it’s far enough away and secluded enough to feel like you’re on holiday, but still in the country so you’re not completely closed off.

Once Halloween has passed the shops start thinking about Christmas. So it was about this time that Christmas time started for me. It’s a good thing I like this time of year! The weather got colder, and I’m sure you all know about the snow panic the UK has been going through. I love snow, but we overreact so much! You can read my last few blogs to see what’s been going on around Christmas time. I kind of like to let it go fairly early, and move onto the new year. We took our decorations down last Sunday.

So not only was it a great year, then end of 2009 hails the end of the decade too. A decade where I met, dated and married my Gary. My sister got married and had two kids. A few of my friends have gotten married and a lot of them have had kids. I’ve met and made some amazing friends and these people are friends for life. I’ve had my first job, left school, and followed it with full time jobs, learned a lot of skills and grown up loads (ten years in fact!) But I’ve matured from a know it all 16 year old to a know it all 26 year old.

Gosh, in ten more years I wonder how much more I will have learned.

(and you can see my year in photographs here)

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