All Will Change With Time

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged properly. It’s been a while since I’ve felt like blogging properly. What with a lot of things happening in mine and Gary’s lives over the last 10 months I’ve not been feeling very creative.

At the start of the year when things were feeling more settled, I started a new creative project which was running away with. But once Gary’s health started to get worse, I lost all inspiration. In the last month though, I’ve started to feel a lot more inspired, or at least relaxed creatively. So I gave my project to Gary to get his opinion on whether it was worth me carrying on. And he loved it! I am so pleased. I just have to wait for the proper inspiration to come back now!

In other creative news, I’ve published and am now selling my first book. It’s a book of photographs that I’ve taken and I love.  I’m so pleased with it, and I have my own copy to keep and look through. I very rarely print out my photos so it’s great to have something like this. I’ve named it [book] 1 in the hope that I’ll be making another one! I’ll add a little preview of the book at the bottom of this blog.

So I’m feeling a bit better about stuff at the moment, now Gary’s health seems to be settling again. Let’s hope next year is a better one. Roll on Christmas!

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