V Day – the day of lurve

I haven’t had much experience with Valentine’s Day. Before I met my husband, I hadn’t had any boyfriends – not anything serious or anything more than those school holding hands type ‘relationships’. So every year when February 14th came along I would always moan about what a waste of time it was, and how it was all for money.

I’ll never forget one Valentine’s Day, I was working in a clothing store at the time, and I was having a rather hormonal couple of days. I stood at the front of the shop greeting customers at the door. Couples hand in hand, people buying outfits for romantic dinners, even other staff were having flowers delivered to them at the store. I smiled at the customers through gritted teeth and tried to not let my lonely feelings show. I went for my lunch break and went to M&S to get my usual tub of sliced mango – but to my horror they’d run out! I got back to the staff room of my shop, and burst into tears. My manager came into the room to find out what was wrong with me and I just cried out “they’d run out of MANGOOO”. It was all too much that year. The next year I met Gary.

Our first Valentine’s together, Gary and I went to New York to celebrate. My friends were convinced that we were going to get engaged whilst we were there, but we hadn’t been together for very long and we were both 19 so that would have been a bit fast methinks! But still it was an amazing time. Having never celebrated Valentine’s before, it was a wonderful way to do it! Our second Valentine’s was celebrated in London. We went to see the stage version of  ‘When Harry Met Sally’ starring Alyson Hannigan and Luke Perry. But after that we haven’t really done a huge amount, and now we’re married it’s just romantic meals out and maybe a card and some chocolates. And that’s just perfect 🙂

This year we celebrated V-Day early. Work commitments have meant that a Monday Valentine’s doesn’t work for us, so we swapped cards on Saturday and went to an American Diner for a meal. Then we watched Valentine’s Day – yes that movie that stars every Hollywood star who didn’t have another film to work on at that time. I really expected to hate it, but I really enjoyed it! Plus you all know I have a soft spot for Taylor Swift 😀

So now I’m a Valentine’s Day convert. I still do believe it’s a money making scheme, but since I work for a card shop I don’t really mind 😀 And whether you have someone to share it with or you’re just remembering how much you love yourself or your family – have a fantastic Valentine’s Day!

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