Apple make things so “easy”

I have to give it to Apple. Their products are innovative and original. Their marketing is flawless (who actually NEEDS an iPad, but my gosh do we all WANT one?). They’ve shaped technology as we know it. BUT their software is sooooo intricate that it bamboozles me on a daily basis.

When I updated my iPhone to iOS5 it was a nightmare. Not only did it take 5 hours, but in the end I had to restore my iPhone a completely different way from how I was meant to and as a result every time I try to sync my phone to iTunes it tells me I need to either continue a restore or delete my backup. Annoying? Yes.

But that’s not the story I want to tell today. Today’s antics started when I loaded up my laptop and found, for the second time this week, that my iTunes was starting on its own, without prompt . Now I have a reaaaallly slow old laptop and so I can’t do anything with it until my virus checker has done its auto update, otherwise everything just jams up. So having my iTunes start on its own is not ideal and usually makes my laptop heat up and come up with the ‘low virtual memory’ bubble. A search on Google to try to work out why this was happening was fruitless. Most places saying that it was a result of plugging in an iPod which auto launches iTunes. But then it dawned on me that my iPhone was connected with my computer in a way – via WiFi. So I decided to plug in my phone and then uncheck the ‘automatically launch iTunes when iPhone is connected’. Of course when my iPhone was plugged in my laptop wanted to sync so I had to wait for that to happen too. So my phone was happily syncing and then 99% of the way through started to ‘cancelling sync’ and came up with a pop up saying that my iPhone could not be synced because the sync session failed to finish. Argh, what does that even mean, and how do I fix it? So now I had another problem. Which I faithfully Googled. I trawled through topic after topic on message boards and forums with no luck. People talking about iOS5 betas and backdoor methods of cancelling folders and restoring from backup and all this crap. But then something someone wrote triggered something in my head.

Two weeks ago I had been downloading app updates on my laptop via iTunes and I was typing in my password and an update pop-up for something else came up as I was typing. As a result my password had been entered wrong, unknown to me. So I re-entered my password and the pop-up came up again. Same problem. So, apparently if you enter your password wrong twice on iTunes you have to reset it, which I did. Since then I had updated the password on my iPhone and also in my iTunes (today in fact) when I was updating my apps again. This can’t be solution, I thought, BUT I still decided to sign out of iTunes store in iTunes and sign back in using my new password (it couldn’t hurt to try!). Lo and behold my next sync worked and finished completely. A simple solution to a very complicated and totally unexplained problem.

SO Apple, my word to you is, if you need me to re-enter my password, why not just ask me that instead of making me search for around 2 hours, sync my iPhone fruitlessly about 6 times and causing me a headache?? Your confusing messages which mean nothing, and your too complicated software make me scream. You pride yourself on simplicity and ease of use ‘straight from the box’ but in reality you’re just as confusing as all the others.

Unfortunately though, I still love you….. shucks.

2 thoughts on “Apple make things so “easy”

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