It’s Been a While

So I’ve been spending a lot of time reading other people’s blogs and I’ve found I put a lot of pressure on myself to make my entries relevant, interesting and innovative. All these things that I like in other’s blogs. And I’ve realised this means I’ve been putting myself off actually writing entries! So now I’m going to try to just write. I’m also going to try doing it from my iPhone which I use all the time, and my laptop not so much anymore. So stay tuned for more rubbish spouting from here!

So since I last wrote I’ve been reading A LOT. I constantly have a book pile of about 6 books waiting to be read and I’m keeping it topped up. I’ve read a load of Harry Potters again, all the Hunger Games books and a few in between. I’m hoping to be a giver for World Book Night and give out The Time Traveler’s Wife, though I’m not holding my breath because my application was rubbish – (like one sentence!)

I’ve also been to the movies. I saw The Woman in Black three nights ago. I’m still not sure whether I enjoyed it. The movie itself was really excellent, but it was obvious to me that a lot of the book had been lost (the book is on my wish list!) and I didn’t find it as scary as so many other people found it. It got me to wondering whether I’m just un-scarable or too cynical in my old age. But I don’t think I am. The scares were all jumps and no substance. I really want to see the stage show though because from what I’ve heard it’s a lot better.

I’ve been thinking forward to the rest of the year. I try to not think about work because that’s just too tiring and takes up the whole of my mental strength when I’m there – so holidays and trips and fun things are the forefront of my mind. Most of the year’s plans are up in the air but there are a few things booked and definitely happening. Gary and I are going to see Frankie Valli at the Royal Albert Hall in the summer. I cannot wait! We also want to go and see the Harry Potter tour which is a tour of all the sets and stuff. It’s literally just down the road from us so it’s agony that we haven’t bought tickets yet!

I’m hoping that this year will be as full, if not fuller than last year. After having a few years where we couldn’t do so much due to health issues, last year was fabulous. We saw Roger Waters’  The Wall in Manchester, Taylor Swift, Glee live, Ryan Adams twice, The Foo Fighters, and I’m sure we saw Jersey Boys again….. There were a lot of trips to London and I’m hoping to do that again this year. Nothing like a little bit of Laaandan.

Other things on the cards for the year are hopefully buying a house (if someone would just sell one that’s decent), going on a trip with Gary, seeing friends a whole lot more, taking life less seriously and maybe attending a wedding.  Oh and blogging more, of course!

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