Seeing Red

It’s amazing how something like colouring your hair can make such a difference to your mood. I’ve been dying my hair different shades of red for 12 years.

I started with 6 wash dyes that made my hair a little red in the sun and quickly moved into permanent dyes. Believe it or not my hair is blonde under all this colour. Here’s a picture of me when I had blonde hair:

20120216-094426 PM.jpg

My Mother was devastated when I told her I wanted to colour my hair because she loved the blonde. My sister had been dying her hair for a while before. Loads of cool colours too like pink and bleach blonde and black and purple and red (sounds like a song from Joseph!) I think I decided I wanted red once I’d seen Clare Danes in My So Called Life and she dyed it red in the first episode. I adored it. In fact I spent most of my hair dying life trying to find a shade similar!

So my hair’s been copper, red, red with ginger highlights and about 6 months ago I decided to let it fade out. I think I was restless. Then I began to dye it brown. It took me until about a week ago to decide that I needed the red back. And it’s like a breath of fresh air having the colour back!

Erin’s back and I love it!

20120216-094910 PM.jpg

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