My Alternative Movie Picks

I wanted to write a blog about some of the more obscure films I’ve seen recently. Tuesdays are my normal day off work, and as most of it is spent catching up with jobs and housework, I usually end up putting a movie on and having it on in the back ground. We also get free Blockbuster rentals with our Tesco vouchers so I will tend to rent things I’ve never heard of but look interesting, just to try them out.

Recently Gary has started to call Tuesdays ‘bad movie Tuesday’ because a lot of the stuff I’ve been putting on has been rubbish (Chain Letter anyone?) But there have been some goodies too.

The first one I want to recommend is called Melancholia. It’s directed by Lars von Trier and has Kirsten Dunst in it. It’s an incredibly slow-moving film – the beginning will make you stare and look at the screen as if you’ve just gone insane – but keep on with it. It’s in two parts, it’s awkward to watch, it’s odd and confusing – but it’s beautiful. I can’t really do it justice by describing what it’s about because it’ll sound both boring and insane at once. But by the end I’d gone from thinking ‘what the hell am I watching’ to ‘I get it!’ It had me entranced and sitting up in my seat.

Another great movie I’ve recently watched was Another Earth. Again it’s got an independent movie feel to it. IMDB’s description is “On the night of the discovery of a duplicate planet in the solar system, an ambitious young student and an accomplished composer cross paths in a tragic accident.” That’s probably the most boring way of putting it, however any more description would spoil the movie. One of the scenes was so simple but so beautiful that it was as if my heart was being squeezed. The end of the scene did make me tear up. Like Melancholia, Another Earth has a slightly sci-fi aspect to it, but it’s done in a way that makes it simple and natural and not at all stilted. One to watch if you’re open-minded and like being surprised by simplicity and intricacy all at once.

The next movie is  Martha Marcy May Marlene and it stars the Olsen twin’s baby sister Elizabeth Olsen. It’s about a girl who lives in a cult, she runs away and is collected by her estranged sister. The movie follows her behaviour as she tries to re acquaint herself with normal life, and also flashes back to her life in the cult. A very interesting portrayal of human behaviour.

Somewhere directed by Sofia Coppola is a great movie. That being said not everyone likes her movies, but I love them. If you’re familiar with her style you’ll know to expect lots of off the cuff style dialogue and acting and lingering shots which linger just a little too long (but perfectly bullet point the triviality of life). I actually missed the start of this movie and really want to see it again so I can see the whole thing. Stephen Dorff plays a Hollywood actor who has a daughter, played by Elle Fanning. He seems fairly low life and when she comes to visit he has to start making alterations to his behaviour. The movie doesn’t go from A-B, more like it goes from A to A.5, but that’s just Sofia Coppola’s style. Her movies are realistic snapshots of a small part of a life put under the microscope. If you want to try out any more of her movies The Virgin Suicides and Lost in Translation are accessible and two of my favourites. And if you already like The Virgin Suicides, then please please read the book it’s based on  – it’s wonderful.

The last movie I want to talk about is called The Informant! With not a clue about what this movie was about or who was in it, I stuck it on with the intention to let it run in the background. By the end of it I was glued to the tv. It stars Matt Damon as a business man who agrees to work under cover with the government regarding his companies’ price fixing accusations. The twists and turns come from nowhere and by the end it has you thinking back over the beginning of the movie. Also the music is so outrageously retro America. I wouldn’t say you should spend money on this movie the first time you see it because I have a feeling it’s not something everyone would love, BUT definitely put it on if it’s being shown and give it a go!

So there are my alternative movie picks from what I’ve seen recently. I like to watch non mainstream movies because you find some gems. If you’ve seen anything you think I might like to try, based on my choices above, then please comment with recommendations. I like to try new things on for size!

5 thoughts on “My Alternative Movie Picks

  1. I have a friend that tells me to see Melancholia but I read what happens and it seems too moody for me. I wanted to see Another Earth tho! Same with the Marcia Marcy, etc… movie.

    I think I saw the movie The Informant! Is that the one with the guys in the hats?

    1. Haha! The guys in hats?! There are certainly hats but I’m not sure they were integral to the plot.

      Melancholia is very moody. I’ve suffered with depression and I found it very close to the bone. But by the end I actually found it uplifting. Not in the conventional sense though. It’s a confusing one and definitely a hit or miss movie.

      1. Oh ha, I’m thinking of The Adjustment Bureau. Where the hats were strangely enough very important.

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