A blog about blogs

I love blogs. Mostly I love reading them. I also enjoy writing them, but I do have a tendency to put too much pressure on myself to get them to sound a certain way. But hey, I’ve said this before.

Since WordPress have updated their app I find it a lot easier to see and search blogs and find new people to follow.

Two days ago I came across this blog and proceeded to spend a full hour reading past blogs on it. I never do that. It’s written just the way I like a blog to be written. It had me enthralled. It made me want to write!

It also read a bit like my all time favourite blog Orangette. I first heard of this wonderful nook in the web via reading the author’s book. I had no idea while I was reading it that she had written a blog and that was how the book had come about. It had been recommended to me on Amazon and so I’d put it on my birthday wish list. My Sister bought it for me and two days later I’d finished it. I loved her style of writing and cooking and the stories she wrote were wonderful. I had no idea until I visited her blog that she was also a wonderful photographer. If you like cooking and life and an appreciation for simple beautiful things then please visit Molly Wizenberg’s blog because you won’t be disappointed. Also, I tried her recipe for french toast and OH MY GOSH it was heavenly.

If you have the time check both of these bloggy babies out – if you like one, I think you’ll like the other. And if you read a doozy of a blog then comment and let me know where it is! Share the love 🙂


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