In case you hadn’t noticed…. the Olympics are on!

On the 6th July 2005 I was working in an unfamiliar store in an unfamiliar town with unfamiliar people. I was acting manager for a store which had opened in a rush, within the company I worked for at the time. That day the Olympic host for 2012 was announced as London. I stood shocked on the floor and announced to the girls I was working with “I feel like I’ve won a prize!” I was so excited and proud that we would be hosting the games. Of course the young girls I was working with looked at me like I was a nutter. And to them I say NURRRR because now the country has well and truly been won over by it all!

I remember walking along talking to Gary about the Olympics being hosted in London. At the time we had just got engaged and our future was totally wide open. We didn’t know how our wedding would turn out, where we would be living, what we would be doing for a living or if we would have kids. I asked him whether we would go to see something and he said of course we would! We’d go and watch the athletics. It’s the Olympics being held in our home! It all seemed so easy.

Then, of course, was the mess up that was the ticket ballots and the prices of the tickets were obscene. So we kissed goodbye to our chance of going.

The opening ceremony was outstanding and from that point to this we haven’t watched a single thing on the tv other than Olympic events. At the start we were super annoyed about the number of empty seats we could see at all the events. And clearly everyone was because they started to recall corporate tickets from those who wouldn’t be attending. Every night Gary and I would sit and try to get through the lines online to get some tickets. And then last week Gary managed to get us tickets! To the Athletics! Our dream come true.

So on Tuesday we got up at stupid o’clock and hopped on the train to the stadium. When we arrived there we were awed by the immense nature of the stadium and the whole buzzing atmosphere.

Go Team GB!

Once in the stadium we couldn’t believe our seats. Right next to the Olympic cauldron and sat next to the athletes and coaches. Oddly, the place seemed smaller than it looks on the TV. We saw javelin, long jump, sprinting and long distance running heats. We saw Usain Bolt run too!


The whole morning was a once in a lifetime experience, and was totally amazing. I’m so glad I got to experience it! Once our session had ended we walked to the bottom of the block and took photos right next to the track.

It was certainly a day I’ll never forget, and sitting in that stadium I really did feel like I’d won a prize!

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