What’s been going on….

Well most of this past 4 weeks have been taken up with Olympic fever. And it seems like it’s not just me and G Man who were absorbed by the events and are now in some kind of post Olympic slump. But the Paralympics start soon so that should hopefully cater to our sporting needs!

In other news I got a new job. I’ve been working through the various stages for this since the second week of my holiday just gone – so around a month. I found out I had the position while I was at the Olympic Park. What a day! I don’t start until October but I’m so excited. I’m actually returning to the company I used to work for before my current job but in a higher position than I previously held. I am so excited and can’t wait to spend my Christmas run up working there! Today I signed my new contract and now it feels so much more real.
This past week was a big week for my family, celebration wise. Wednesday was my birthday (29 years young!) and Thursday was my Grandma’s. Saturday was my Grandma and Grandad’s wedding anniversary and also would have been my Great Grandad’s birthday had he still been with us. Then Sunday was my Nephew’s birthday.

On Saturday we drove up to Norfolk to my Aunt’s house for a party to celebrate. The weather was nearing 30C. Thankfully we have AC in our car because otherwise it would have been an unbearable drive. The night before I prepared a playlist cd of songs to listen to, and if I do say so myself it was an immense selection of music. I’m pleased with it to the point of wanting to burn a load of discs and just hand them out to people. Anyone want one?!  Ha! Anyway the music helped to set the tone and we arrived cool and happy. We did however turn up in our 70’s themed clothing (the theme of the party) and as a result our flared denim didn’t help us to stay cool! We were sweaty messes by the end of the day.

Grandma was greeted by a selection of family and friends from different walks of her life. My Grandad, who recently moved into a care hospice due to his health, was also able to make it and you could tell he thoroughly enjoyed being reunited with friends.

Despite the heat it was a lovely day and a great way to spend a day off! Due to work commitments we don’t always get to be there for all the family gatherings, but this was sooo good. I don’t want the summer to end 🙂

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