Song of the Day

When I had a Windows Live page (yonks and yonks ago) I used to blog pretty much daily, and at the end of the blog I would always write a song of the day. I decided at the end of my holiday, just gone, that it might be fun to start doing it again. I might not manage to do it every day, but most days I have been posting a YouTube video onto my FB timeline and sharing a song which had some meaning that day.

It seems people have been enjoying it, so I thought I would sporadically post a round-up on here of what I’ve been choosing, so you guys can see! (I have tried to make these videos smaller but have failed at every attempt, so sorry they’re so huge!)

The first song is called The Mall and Misery by Broken Bells (Danger Mouse and James Mercer). I saw Broken Bells at Glastonbury in 2010 and though I was already familiar with the album this single came from, seeing a band live always makes a song more special.

I was introduced to this song via twitter. Emma Watson’s twitter in fact. One day she wrote simply “Anna Kendrick – cups”. I follow Anna Kendrick on twitter too, and waited for a response, because that sentence meant nothing to me, but had me intrigued. Anna Kendrick has a new movie out called Pitch Perfect. I think it’s kinda like Glee but it’s an a capella club, and it seems that she had taught herself the song and the cup actions from the video above. When the people who made the film found out that she could do this, they had to include it in the movie. So her response to Emma Watson’s tweet was to put up a link to the video above so that everyone could see what it all meant. I figured it deserved to be my song of the day. It’s pretty darn cool.

Last week I changed jobs. I went back to a company that I had worked for before and had left so that I could progress and improve my skills because at the time there was no room for my progression with them. So I left and I grew and two years later I found an opportunity to return to them. I started back there Monday last week. The above song was introduced to me via working for this company the first time around. During my training this week I was very pleased to hear it again when it came on over the speakers. It will aways remind me of my favourite job, so I thought I’d share it with my favourite people 😀

I first heard this song on Glee. As you know I’m a mahoosive Gleek and so many of the current songs I like have been introduced to me this way (I don’t listen to the radio). This song came on over the speakers at work and it kept popping back into my head all week – so I figured I must like it. It seemed like a fitting song of the day!

Oh Taylor, how do you keep doing it again and again? I’m a huge Taylor Swift fan and I can’t wait for her new album to come out next week. I’ve been listening to this single ever since she premiered it, I think, months ago. I love the video. When I listen to this song I have to jump up arms outstretched during the chorus (once you’ve watched the video you’ll know when and why) – This can be a problem whilst commuting….

Yesterday’s was this one by Paul Young. I woke up in the middle of the night on Monday with this in my head. No idea why. I haven’t heard it in years and as I said I don’t listen to the radio so there’s no way I could have heard it and not realised. Anyway, I do really like this song. It came out the month before I was born (July 1983) and was originally recorded by Marvin Gaye. I like this version. I had never seen the video before and when it started I was a little concerned we were about to see Paul Young sitting on the toilet…. watch and you’ll see what I mean. Thankfully we are spared of that. Enjoy!

Today’s song of the day is Hummingbird Heartbeat by Katy Perry. It could possibly be my song of the decade. It is most definitely my second favourite pop song of all time (the first is I Wanna Dance with Somebody by Whitney Houston). I never thought I would hear a new song which sounded so perfectly like it was written and recorded in the 80s. It’s a perfect pop song and no matter how unhappy/tired/annoyed I am, this song will always get me dancing and singing and feeling amazing. What more do you need from a pop song?

So, those are my picks so far. I’m enjoying choosing these songs and I try not to force it. If I don’t have a song of the day I won’t post one, but music is such a big part of my life that usually something rears it’s head. Happy listening, and stay tuned for part 2!

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