Seasons Change

My past week hasn’t been all that eventful. I’ve been working and getting used once more to customer’s ‘colourful’ statements. For example; “I have to return this coat because there’s not enough time in my day to do up the zip” or “The colour name of this sweater is really funny, because apples are green!” (red sweater which was called spiced apple) to which I said “Some are red though aren’t they” and got a really blank look.

Other than this I have been spending a lot of time trying to think up good healthy meals that are hearty and warming, whilst thinking about G Man and my dietary needs. I have made a couple of successful concoctions of late, but what I really have my eye on is a slow cooker. I love the idea of starting something off in the morning and having a lovely meal ready for me when I get in at night. A lot of the recipes I have seen are American and have odd ingredients that I have no idea what they are, but I’m sure I can muddle through! So I’ve done some research and found one I like – I’m really surprised by how cheaply priced they are! I’m hoping to get one next month and start using it for those long shifts at work! If anyone has any really good and healthy tried and tested recipes to recommend then shoot me a comment!

Last week was Halloween and usually we open our doors to the droves of mini beggars pinching our sweets, but this year was cold and wet and we decided to go out for dinner instead. We went to our favourite Chinese restaurant, The Tai Pan in Milton Keynes, and had a lovely meal followed by a trip out afterwards to get desert to eat at home. It was a really good evening and the food was great as usual.

We also took a pass on Guy Fawkes Night this year. We live very close to Bletchley Park and they have an annual Blitz Night with fireworks and a fair. Normally we skip down the path and watch the fireworks for free from the bottom of our estate, but again this year was way too cold and wet to try that. The previous night we’d seen a really good display from the window in our living room, and we didn’t even need to move from our sofa to watch!

One season that we’re not going to rain check this year, however, is Christmas! We’re ready to dive in feet first and at the moment I’m just finding it hard not to go in too fast with the movies, music and food. This year we’ve decided to buy new decorations for our tree and I can’t wait to get choosing! I’ve already bought a few Christmas gifts and speaking to customers about Christmas I’m learning that I’m a bit late on the start – some of my customers have done all their shopping already! I’m not that eager, but I still can’t wait to get going 🙂


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