A Big, Red, India-rubber Ball

Things I remember about my Grandad:

  • He showed me how to use his telescope one summer night. He went back into the house and I looked through the eye piece and saw Jupiter. I got so freaked out then realised I was alone in the dark and ran back into the house. He showed me Jupiter.
  • Watching A Muppet Christmas Carol and thinking he wasn’t paying any attention. It got to the bit where Scrooge’s girlfriend sings her song. Grandad looked up and stated “what a terrible noise!” – I’d never realised how bad the song was before. Later versions of the movie had that whole scene cut out! He obviously had a good ear for music.
  • His beach towel that had an almost naked lady on it lounging with a snake – he always did like the ladies!
  • Every Christmas spent in Norfolk, Grandad would read the AA Milne poem ‘King John’s Christmas’ to us all.
  • He tried to explain to me why on car adverts the wheels appear to go backwards when the car is driving forwards – he knew I wasn’t getting it but he still tried!
  • How much he loved to fuss his cats.
  • How happy he was when he saw family and friends at a party in August, and how his eyes lit up when he saw Grandma.
  • How much he loved my Grandma – and how much my Grandma loves him.

Of course there’s more. Goodbye Grandad. We will really miss you, but you’re resting now. We Love you.

Grandma, Grandad, Mum and Aunt Sally
Grandma, Grandad, Mum and Aunt Sally (held by Grandma)

2 thoughts on “A Big, Red, India-rubber Ball

  1. Synchronicity…just a few weeks back I found myself also thinking about my Grandfather — I called him Grando —and how much he meant to me. So nice to reflect on those who shaped the people we are…

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