You Say What?

I got on the bus yesterday morning and at the back were a group of people. I didn’t see how old they were but I’m guessing they were a little younger than me. The whole journey one girl was speaking very loudly.

To start with she was speaking about football players and trying to start a conversation with one of the men. The problem was that she was pronouncing all the player’s names wrong and obviously didn’t know what she was talking about. As the bus moved on she looked at the high-rise flats and began to talk about them calling them Nelson Mandela flats. Her friends all spoke up very confused. I sat in my seat laughing into my scarf.

The girl had obviously watched Only Fools and Horses and heard the name of their block of flats ‘Nelson Mandela House’ and thought that was just what flats were called. One of her friends said something about this but the girl was adamant. She said that this was what they were called because Nelson Mandela went to prison when they were first building them…….

Nelson Mandela House

The girl spent the rest of the journey talking very loudly and pretty much everything she said was wrong (Simba dies in The Lion King?)  I spent most of the bus ride texting Gary telling him how funny it was.


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