2012: A Look Back

2012 has been about:

Blogging:- I told myself I would blog more and put less pressure on myself to make the blogs I wrote ‘amazing’. I’ve done this and I’m really pleased with what I’ve written and the amount of people who seem to like what I write. Thanks for all the likes, follows and comments 🙂

Reading:- completing a 40 book reading challenge seemed impossible at the start but has been so fulfilling. It’s meant I have had to try lots of different types of book. It’s been very rewarding.

Music:- I haven’t really gotten into any new music this year but have revisited old artists and enjoyed watching people grow with their new releases. I still despair over chart music but that’s because I’m really a 60-year-old when it comes to things like that! We saw Frankie Valli at the Royal Albert Hall this year, and we’re going to see him again in 2013. He might be getting old but he can still sing!

Travel:- In 2012 we visited Fowey, Disneyland Paris (oh the rides!), the Harry Potter studio Tour and London numerous times for different things. We have travelled to Norfolk and Hinkley for family events too. This year has featured travel a LOT. Road trips and work trips. It’s been eye-opening and inspiring.

Family:- My cousin got married in Norfolk this year, and we also travelled there for birthdays and anniversaries. We lost my Grandad this year too. 2012 has most definitely been about family.

Friends:- My extended family. I’m so pleased I’ve been able to see my closest friends a lot more this year. I even managed to see two of my best girl friends once a month for most of the year – it was so nice spending so much time with them all. I have caught up with old friends and seen really old friends when they have come into my shop. Touching base with people from my past way back is so amazing. Unfortunately I’ve also lost contact with some of my close friends for various reasons and hope they we can get back in contact in the new year once things have settled down.

Olympics:- This year was huge for GB and I was so lucky to be able to go to the Olympic stadium and be part of some of it. An amazing experience which I will never forget.

Careers:- G Man was made redundant this year and I decided enough was enough with my job. We both made changes and decisions and both ended up with better jobs with better prospects. It was a scary time but on the other side of it, we made the correct choices.

Personal Growth:- When you change jobs you have to be very self analytical. As a result of this I can see how much I’ve grown over this last year. Taking risks, responsiblity and just going for it when you’re scared. I have taken control of my anxiety as much as I can at this point. I can do things I never would have done before. Even the idea of going to London on my own would have paralysed me with fear but I do it now. For my new job I had to travel to Havant on my own via three trains and then make it to my destination. Then I had to spend two days with strangers who knew each other and spend the night in a hotel. I still can’t believe I did it – but now I can do it again. I won’t let anxiety define me.

So 2013 – it’s going to be about change and planning for the future. It’s going to be about doing what we want to do and having fun. Getting healthier and being happy. I’m also going to be a blonde rather than a red-head! We want to get into our own house and make a place our own. 2013 looks promising and I can’t wait.

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