Gone with the Wind

As fast as it crept up on us, Christmas is gone. It’s a bittersweet feeling, only to be compared with planning a wedding for years for it only to be over in a few hours. But it’s still wonderful all the same.

Christmas Eve was spent working hard in my shop from the early hours and then sitting down to have a break at about 4pm only to find I couldn’t stand again…. Fun! We watched The Polar Express (our Christmas Eve movie of choice) and G Man cooked us a roast dinner – no McDonald’s for me! It really was a lovely evening. Though I discovered that I was actually too tired to relax and sleep and so just managed about 5 hours that night. I was a little shattered by Christmas morning.

Never the less, we woke and opened presents under the tree before I made breakfast and we got ready to head to Gary’s parent’s house. I took my camera out of the house for the first time in a while, and I’m so glad that I did. I got some wonderful shots of Gary with his family. Some real keepers.


We had a really lovely time at their house and then headed over to my Parent’s where I realised that once again I was so tired I couldn’t stand. So I sat and dozed and drank sherry – not bad!

My Sister and her family came over in time for Christmas lunch. It was great having the children running around and playing with their new toys. I swear my Niece made about 5 costume changes before lunch!

Lunch was wonderful and all the family managed to fit into the one room! Gary and I had our own little table in the corner, which meant I was able to get some photos of the table!


Little Jos didn’t want any Christmas food because he ‘doesn’t like it’ but when the cake came out (made by one of my friends) he ate two helpings!


After lunch we all had a nice sit down and watched Christmas Top of the Pops, and then opened presents. It was such a lovely afternoon and I started to wake up around 5ish! We ate some party food and then G Man and I headed home. We put on our PJs and watched The Holiday. A perfect ending to what we both agreed was one of our most favourite Christmas Days ever.

Boxing Day consisted of waking up late and buying bargains in the online Sales! We watched more movies, ate lots of chocolates and slouched about. A fitting recovery day I think!

We took our Christmas decorations down yesterday. As much as I love the season, it’s so nice to get things clean, uncluttered and back to normal. Our New Year’s Plan this year consists of party food, cocktails from a can and trying to stay awake until midnight. And that’s pretty perfect for me! Happy New Year!

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