Catch Up

I love how we cope and also how things happen for a reason. One day last year I came home from work, took off my shoes and stood just a tad too close to the bottom step of the staircase. As I did this I felt something wet under my feet skirting and realised we had a leak somewhere between the downstairs WC and the stairs. So we called and got it fixed. But if this hadn’t happened to us, when our pipe burst two nights ago and started to flood our kitchen, we would have had no idea how to turn the water off and would have been swimming in a ruined kitchen until a plumber could come and help.

Obviously at the time it didn’t seem like a good thing, but the previous leak was a slow drip which wasn’t too much concern but needed fixing fairly quickly. If the burst pipe had happened first we would have been screwed!

Apart from plumbing issues my last couple of weeks have been fairly uneventful. We have both been trying to relax and recover from a very hectic and tiring (but wholly enjoyable!) Christmas and New Year. On Sunday we slept in and watched movies. It was exactly what we needed and I felt so much better for it.

Speaking of films, we’ve seen a couple worthy of noting recently – not all good but I’ll tell you about those too!

We saw a film called Silent House. It stars Elizabeth Olsen and claims to have been filmed in one shot. It seems to mostly be one shot but there are a few cuts. It’s a very strange film set in and around a house and from the perspective of Olsen’s character. Her and her Father appear to have returned to an old childhood home to pack it up and repair it for reselling, with the help of her Uncle. She seems to be a troubled girl and quite introvert, not really remembering experiences her friend talks about when she comes around to visit. The whole movie has a troubled air to it creating anticipation and willing you to un-riddle the clues which you feel are being left. A very odd journey with an unexpected, but unsurprising ending, I would recommend a watch if you get the chance. It feels very independent so if you’re a blockbuster and action fan, you may want to steer clear.

Pitch Perfect came out in the UK recently and I was really intrigued by it. As a fan of Glee I expected a less bubble-gummy experience but with a similar kind of theme – failing a capella group needs a revamp with new freshman members to compete in their regional competitions and get the trophy they deserve. And I was pretty much right  – though I honestly can’t remember the ending right now. The fact that I can’t remember the ending is illustrative of the whole thing. Firstly, I have a vomit phobia. This is relevant and those who have seen the movie will know why. I spent a good 5 minutes of the film staring elsewhere until my husband told me I could watch the screen again. Secondly, the relationships weren’t built or explained and I didn’t really like any of them. Thirdly I was expecting at least one funny or uplifting moment. The closest I got to that was a punch fist from the audience in the last performance. I was so disappointed with this movie. Loads of people said it was their best movie in  ages, or they were off to watch it again at the cinema. I thought it was worse than Bring it On, which I liked but was terrible. Such a shame.

Another confusing one was V/H/S. Those who read my blog regularly will know that I’m a big scary movie fan, and so I was very excited by the trailer of this film. You didn’t really get a huge amount of info about plot or theme from the trailer, just that the whole movie appeared to be shot on handheld videos  and that something was killing people. The movie was a collection of mini horror stories, all ending with someone being killed or harmed in some way by something supernatural. There’s one main group which it returns to between mini-tales but this in itself is one of the stories and doesn’t make anything any clearer. I spent most of the showing trying to make connections and piece themes together, but that’s more than the makers of the film ever did. There was one bit which scared me, but it turned out to be a not what I thought and a total let down. Another shame, which will no doubt have a sequel.

Perks of Being A Wallflower was one of the books I read last year, and being aware of the movie which was about to come out, I knew I wanted to read the book first. I was pleased to see that the author of the book, Stephen Chbosky, wrote the screenplay and also directed the movie. The certainly helps with screen adaptations in my opinion because I feel like any change that has been made was done without compromising the final vision of the story. Anyway, any changes that were made were fairly insignificant in this case. I loved it. The tone of the book wasn’t lost. Of course I feel like I was filling in some of the information having read it, but I don’t think anyone who hadn’t would have been worse off. The movie felt warm, and awkward, and beautiful all at once. The only part I wished had been in the movie from the book was when Charlie read out the ‘poem’ he’d found, at one of the parties. But then maybe that part would have been lost in translation. It’s just one of my favourite bits and I would have loved to see it. Anyway, I really recommend the movie (and the book!).

So, next week G Man and I are on holiday from work. We’re not going away but we have a few things planned and little trips to go on. I’m really looking forward to it and I’m hoping to get some little projects started too. Lots to look forward to! Stay tuned 🙂

2 thoughts on “Catch Up

  1. Thanks, I won’t be watching Pitch Perfect then. Sorry I seem to have passed on my vomit phobia. Itch by Simon Mayo is a major barf fest too, but at least you don’t see it on the screen , just in your imagination.

  2. I felt the EXACT same way about Perks of Being a Wallflower! I loved the book and loved the film and was very glad the author had so much creative control. I was also waiting with much anticipation for the poem scene, but I suppose it would’ve been very difficult to have it read aloud in the film with as much effect as it had in the book. I’m hoping they’ll release it as a deleted scene, though!

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