Holiday, Books and Snow

This week G Man and I have some time off work, and some time together. We’re really looking forward to some down time and just milling about to recover from the Christmas craziness. Our plans are somewhat up in the air at the moment due to the snow that is currently falling over the country. Thankfully we’re in an area where it’s not going to hit so hard. Hopefully it won’t affect our plans too much – but Milton Keynes residents are notorious for being ridiculously stupid during the snow, so who knows!

Yesterday we spent a lovely morning in bed lazing, and then did our supermarket shop for the week (which included a lot of tinned food – we’ve been snowed in before…) The afternoon was football and reading and then we got up and finally left the house.

There’s a book warehouse near to where G Man and I used to work which opens to the public for one weekend a month. There they sell a huge selection of books at discounted prices. This weekend was their January Sale and they had 80% off all the jacket prices. I spent £16 on £80 worth of books!

It really is a little heaven of books. I have to admit I saw an Orla Kiely baby board book on colours, and it was so adorable that I bought it even though I have no children. It’s very cool and was only £2…… It’s just too stylish for a child!

Here’s what we bought anyway:


That cookery book is AMAZING! I want to make so much from it, there are loads of ideas and the photography is wonderful!

Today we had planned to make a trip to Bicester Village but the snow has curtailed our plans. Not worth risking getting stuck in the Designer Discount Village…. or is it? What were we thinking? – that would be heaven?! Oh well, instead I’m wrapped up warm in my living room watching Nigella on the Food Network and drinking hot Earl Grey tea. That’s what almost-snow-days are for, right?
January Snow

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