Friends and Casserole

Last night I met up with two of my best friends. I met them both when I worked for the company I have just returned to. We got on immediately and have stayed great friends since.

We had been able to keep in touch via letter and email since our schedules were so tight, but in the last year we decided we would try to get together once a month to see each other. And we managed it. With things being fairly tough last year for me, it was amazing to have these two wonderful ladies to offload to, and to cheer me up, and to celebrate with.

Yesterday we met up for dinner and even though we were only together for a few hours it was so much fun and like recharging the batteries. These guys are the kind that don’t judge and don’t fuss. We take the mickey out of each other and poke fun sometimes, but never seriously, always with love and often with filthy mouths. And these are two of my friends whom I would definitely call family. I know they would do anything they could for me and me for them. I’m not really a girly girl and I’m not used to asking for or receiving help (emotionally or otherwise) but they offer it unconditionally. And for that I love them a lot!


Dees ma girlz 😀

Today I spent roughly 4 hours getting my hair cut and coloured. It was quite a lengthy process which meant I didn’t get to eat lunch until 4pm – I had a hot pretzel and then Gary picked me up. We have just finished eating my famous Sausage Casserole – which Gary made for the first time and it was yummy. I’ll blog about the casserole one of these days. It is really rather good!

Tomorrow we’re going to Lahndaan town for some shopping and eating and hopefully photo taking!

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