The One Where I Got ID’d at 29 and a Half

As you know I went out with some friends the other night, and while I was out I thought I’d order my favourite tipple, a Long Island Iced Tea. So I did. And the waiter gave me that long familiar stare of ‘are you old enough to drink’? To which I just looked at him and said ‘I’m 29’ and he continued to stare so I said ‘And married’ and flashed him my rings. So the waiter (who I think was actually the manager) quickly back tracked and started to dig himself a big hole. I did offer to show him my ID but he declined (and he was very pleasant about it).

This happens to me A LOT but the reason I’m bringing it up right now is that for the first time in my life, it didn’t bother me.

I’m turning 30 in August. Last year I completed a blog list in response to another blog I’d seen, commenting on their list of 30 things before 30. As I was completing it I could see it was a waste of time, but I still finished and posted it. I’ve been thinking a lot about getting older and turning 30 and you know what? I’m really looking forward to it. And I’m feeling a little old – and I love it. It’s a fantastic milestone – I’ve managed almost 30 years alive – go me!

I look young, and this used to bother me but if I look 23 for the rest of my life (or even just 6 years younger than my age) that’s fine with me! I know I’ve got good genes on my side. I rarely drink, don’t smoke, have never done drugs. I eat fairly well. I don’t have a skin care regime because I don’t agree with putting chemicals onto my skin daily to make myself look younger (evidently I don’t need to) and I’m not a sun worshipper. I try to eat fairly well. I don’t drink much caffeine and I’d rather have an apple than a chocolate bar. I drink a lot of water. I don’t work out because I’m INCREDIBLY lazy, but my job keeps me active and on my feet for 9 hours a day.

I’ll most probably bring up my age again up until my birthday, because 30 is a big deal! And it’s a concept I’m having a hard time getting my head round. But I’ve achieved a lot. I think that’s why I struggled with the 30 Things blog. It was all things like “Own a Designer Handbag” – which seems really unimportant as a bench mark. Maybe I need to make my own list (though now I don’t really have much time to complete it…… maybe it should be a 35 list!) What would/did you put on a 30 Things before 30 list?

Anyway, I think the next time I’m asked if I’m old enough, I’m going to give myself a mental gold star because I must be doing something right.

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