London, Baby!

Hello! First of all I’d like to say thank you and Hello to all my new followers and those who have liked my posts. It’s really reassuring to see that people not only read what I write, but also enjoy it. So thank you!

Yesterday G Man and I went on a trip to London. It was about -5 degrees C so it wasn’t an ideal day to go wandering but we’re hardy fools so we did it anyway! It meant I was able to get my camera out and give it a go around town, which I love to do.

We started off by heading to Covent Garden to have a mosey around and also visit the Moomin Shop. For those who don’t know who or what the Moomins are, I would recommend educating yourself. In time I will probably write a blog about that world, but for now give it a Google!
Moomins and Me

We then headed for the Orla Kiely store in Covent Garden which is very close to Neal’s Yard. Had a little look around and then wandered off towards Forbidden Planet – which was basically my teenage home. I’m a bit of a geek. We even had a Forbidden Planet in Milton Keynes for a while but that disappeared way before I was old enough to appreciate all that is geekdom.

In the Trocadero, Leicester Square, I tried my first Cinnabon. I think there’s only a couple of stores in the country. It was amazing! Gooey and warm and the coffee was great too! Hamley’s was our next stop. We needed to get out of the cold and couldn’t think of a better way to do it! We met some Royals while we were there!
Lego Royals

These models were amazing! So tall and such great detail to them.

We still had a little while before dinner so we went into Liberty for a nose around. The building is so pretty. I couldn’t resist taking a shot of the staircase on my phone.

Liberty instagram

So so pretty.

Then it was time for dinner. We headed to The Diner, Soho where we had been wanting to go for quite some time. They serve something called Loco Moco which I had seen on a Hawaii episode of Man V Food and wanted to try. I had thought I would have to go to Hawaii to sample this but when I saw this place sold it I know I wanted to go! I asked for no jalapeno and for pineapple on the side. It was really good despite its appearance!

Dirty rice, burger patty, american cheese slice, fried eggs, gravy and pineapple

I really wanted a dessert but didn’t fancy anything on their menu, so we walked to Soho and I had a frozen Green Tea yogurt with mango and kiwi from Snog. Yum!

We were totally knackered by this point so headed back. It was so foggy by the time we got back to Bletchley, not to mention cold! A fantastic day all in all. You can see more photos in my Flickr set too.

I love London, even if it is bloody freezing 😀

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