A Post about Friendship

I have never been a girly girl. I’ve had girl friends but never really gone in for the braiding hair and sharing secrets type stuff. I was always the one people spoke to with their problems but I never really felt I could come up with good advice or solutions, so I was more a sounding board. And I never ever went to friends of family with my issues.

It wasn’t until about 4-5 years ago that I was able to go to my friends with problems. Of course I have Gary who I can go to, but sometimes you just want to winge to a girl.

Over the last year and half, as I have previously posted, I have seen my friends more and more socially and found it wonderful to be able to share problems and experiences. I think maybe before I thought I might be judged by those I was sharing with and so I just didn’t. But I never feel that way. I’m really blessed to have a circle of friends, who don’t necessarily know each other but they know me and know me well. And I have only known some of these friends for a couple of years.

I suppose it’s all part of moving on from child to adult – trusting that the people you share with are going to react in an adult way and also feel that you are adult enough to hear what they have to say. I’m blessed to be trusted with the information I’m told with by these wonderful people and I’m blessed that they want to listen to and support me.

I had some rather shocking news a week ago, and I have been really comforted by the support I’ve had from my friends. They have all been wonderful and in their own ways rallied support. I feel like a have a net underneath me and that they will be there whenever I need them. These friends are all very different people and able to offer support in many different ways, which is amazing. (I will also mention the support and kind words from people whom I would consider to be friends, but may not have ever met, via twitter. Thank you so much!)

I’m rambling now, so I’ll stop. I just feel blessed.

2 thoughts on “A Post about Friendship

  1. I agree with this 110%! Although I live pretty far from most of my really close friends right now, just knowing that they’re a phone call or a text away gives me the greatest sense of safety and happiness. It’s exactly what you said – a safety net, and I don’t know what I’d do without them!

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