My Week and the Little Golden Man

Hello! And sorry for the lack of posts this week. I have been suffering with some kind of virus which had me take half days at work on both Wednesday and Thursday. Thankfully I’m feeling like myself again, but it was pretty nasty for a time back there! The horrible thing was that it effected my stomach and appetite and all I wanted to eat was potato. It got to the extent that I couldn’t surf Pinterest (one of my favourite time killing activities) because all the food photos were turning my stomach! Boo! But it’s all better now 🙂

So as well as resting and trying to work this week, we watched a couple of things worthy of note. On Thursday we watched Flight, Denzel Washington’s latest movie and a Robert Zemekis film. Such a great movie, the opening 15 or so minutes were breathtaking. Definitely worth watching.

On Friday night we watched a drama called Ghostwatch. It was made in 1992 and aired on the BBC at 9.25 on October 31st as part of a Screen One drama season. Starring in it are Michael Parkinson, Sarah Greene and Craig Charles. I had never seen it before but had heard about it through friends as being the most scary thing they had ever seen. G Man had watched it as a 9 yr old when it aired originally and said he hadn’t slept for 3 nights. The idea was that a BBC crew were visiting a ‘haunted house’ for an all night vigil with Michael Parkinson back in a studio with a specialist and people on the phones taking calls from the ‘public’ (on 081 811 8181 which also happened to be the Live and Kicking number and I still remembe the jingle for it! Pathetic right?). They wanted to capture evidence of poltergeist activity. Craig Charles was outside the house with locals acting the cheeky chappy and Sarah Greene was with a small crew and the family who lived in the house. The events that occur from then are amazing, and you’d have to watch it to get the creepiness of it all. People watching in 1992 didn’t understand that it was a drama and the BBC had so many complaints that they banned the programme from being aired again for the next 10 yrs. It’s been 20 years now and they still haven’t shown it again. What occurred was a type of War of the Worlds effect which made the show stuff of legends, and film makers have admittedly used Ghostwatch as inspiration (The Blair Witch Project and no doubt Paranormal Activity and Most Haunted). Because the programme was made in 1992, I expected the quality to have diminished and wasn’t expecting much from any effects or ideas that might be presented, but I was amazed by how good it was. It was seriously scary and creepy and yes I had trouble getting it out of my mind for the first few hours after watching it. I was very very impressed.

So last night were The Oscars. At the beginning of last week I realised that since the Oscars were Sunday night and I was off Monday and Tuesday I could attempt to stay up until 5am and watch the ceremony live! It’s something I had fancied doing for years but it was never practical with work. But I really wanted to try and got a lot of support from friends and Gary that I should give it a go. On Sunday evening I got a message from a friend saying that her plans to watch it had fallen through and could she come over to mine to watch it too. I “met” Helen online via a Buffy message board around 13 years ago, and had only physically met her 2 maybe 3 times before, but we had kept in touch via social networks. I said it was fine for her to come over and pulled out the snacks! Helen works for the NFTS and her department had a nomination in the Short Animated Film category with a film called Head Over Heels, so it made it just a little more exciting to watch, even though they were pipped at the post. I had a great time watching the Red Carpet and the ceremony with Helen, spotting celebs and talking films. I really enjoyed the whole show. I’m still gobsmacked at how well Daniel Radcliffe sang and danced. Jennifer Lawrence looked amazing even if the UK press think she looked like she was wearing a wedding dress, I think she was best dressed. All in all a great night. Falling asleep at 5:30am was a little odd, but I’m so glad I did it, and so glad I had someone to watch it with!

So, tonight I’m off out with a couple of friends for a late birthday celebration (theirs not mine) and a good old natter. I think I might be a little tired tomorrow though….

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