Something For The “Weekend”

I had two days off work together this week. For those who are Monday-Friday kinda peeps it’ll be nothing unusual, but when you work in retail a weekend isn’t a weekend. You rarely get that Friday feeling, and two days off together are part of a holiday schedule, not a regular working week.

So I decided to spend it well and other than chores and housework I decided to be really really lazy. In fact between Tuesday and Wednesday I watched 7 movies as well as doing the other stuff I needed to do.

Gary and I have been re watching movies we particularly love, of late. We have recently seen Lost in Translation and Empire Records and it’s really gotten us back in the movie watching swing of things.

On Tuesday afternoon Gary and I went to Yoo Hing, a Japanese/Chinese supermarket. I bough mochi which I had been wanting to try for a while. I’ve tried the green tea flavour I bought, so far. Oddly they tasted like dates. I don’t know how to explain it! I still have sesame flavour to try. I also got some Lipton ice tea powder which will come in super handy in the summer. I got a jelly drink and a pearl milk tea can which I can’t wait to try. That evening we managed to watch 3 movies. We saw Scream 4, Almost Famous (one of my favourite movies of all time!) and a new one to us called Lovely Molly. Lovely Molly was made by one of the people who made The Blair Witch Project and runs in a similar vein. It’s messed up and has hand held camera and naughtiness and drug taking and evil stuff – but it was rather good!

So on Wednesday, after having seen Scream 4 the previous day, I watched Scream 2 and 3. Then I watched The Devil’s Advocate which came out in 2007 and has Keanu Reeves and Al Pacino in it. I don’t usually like Keanu Reeves’ acting but he wasn’t bad in this. Charlize Theron was epic as ever and Al Pacino is Al Pacino. Such a great actor – such a frightening actor when he needs to be. If you’re happy with messed up movies then I’d recommend watching it. Lastly I watched The Texas Killing Fields. I had no idea what it was about but thought I’d give it a go. A very gritty movie based on true events.

I also started reading my next book this week. I downloaded The Life of Pi for 20p onto my Kindle last week and so have started reading that. I’m about 60 pages in and I’m not gripped yet. I’m going to persevere though! All I know about the story is what I have seen from the clips of the movie on The Oscars. So I’m awaiting a tiger, a boat and some sea. So far I’ve encountered a tiger. Let’s see! (Ooh that rhymed!)

So, I think that was a “weekend” well spent! I have a tough week ahead of me now and then I have a week off with G Man. A fitting reward I think 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Something For The “Weekend”

  1. So you recommend mochi or not quite? Lol! Love that you watched so many movies, looks like a perfect way to spend your weekend! And Life of Pi… I didn’t like reading the book itself until I got to the end. Then it was like whoa, what just happened lol!

    1. Okay so you’ve given me enough to want to finish Life of Pi. I have to say I’m really struggling with it – I’m about 20% through so far. I’ll struggle on!!

      Mochi – I’m not sure yet! I’m a bit funny with textures. It wasn’t quite a solid and wasn’t quite a jelly. I know you can get ones with ice cream centres so I’d be interested to see what they’re like. I also think if I had bought a sweeter flavour I might have liked it more, but who knows!!

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