Shopping & a DNA Swab Under One Roof

Today G Man and I decided to take it easy. I went out last night and had an epic time with some friends. There were cocktails, talk of holidays to Ibiza, meditation, Buddhism and it got kinda deep. I loved it! Feeling a little delicate this morning though, so after we did our food shopping (rock and roll!), we decided to have a look around the shopping centre for a little bit.

Whilst we were shopping we came across this:

dna booth

It was back to back with a proper photo booth, but this my friends is a DNA booth. It costs £50 and a cheek swab kit pops out of a door. I’m guessing you swab and then pop the swap back in somehow, and then for whatever reason it analyses it and gives you DNA information. I have not a clue why anyone would want this. I can only think they’re trying to attract the Jeremy Kyle generation of people wondering ‘who’s the Daddy’ . It’s the most bizarre thing ever. And it’s £50…. in Milton Keynes….. next to CEX where chavs queue at 8:30am so they can sell their PC games to fund their drug habits. Bizarre.

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