Work Hard to Play Hard

I am almost at the end of what could have been an incredibly tough week, but has turned out to be a very enjoyable and rewarding week. I had to launch a new season at work which I had to plan and execute myself. I’d never done it before and had little guidance, but I pulled it off. What’s more it was completed within time and with barely any stress.  I also had my work appraisal and was marked higher than I’d marked myself on most points. Go me!

Yesterday when I walked to the bus stop I had a wonderful feeling of Spring. The sun was shining, it wasn’t too cold and there was little wind. Today we are in the midst of some severe weather warnings due to snow and flooding. I’m desperate for Spring – especially as we are expected to wear Summer clothing at work now. Freezing!

Recently, G Man and I have been re watching a lot of Cameron Crowe’s films, which I love. I really do – can’t fault them. When ‘We Bought A Zoo’ came out I was so disappointed that he had sold out and made a mushy family movie aimed at kids and full of animals. I refused to watch it. Last week it featured as one of Sky’s premieres, so today I thought I’d give it a go. I LOVED it. I take it all back, and bow to Cameron Crowe’s greatness. I was wrong and should never question him again. It was enjoyable from start to finish and I ended up with a goofy grin on my face for about the last 20 mins. I don’t like mush, but he seems to do it so well that you don’t really feel like it’s mush. I didn’t even mind the animals 🙂

I only have tomorrow to work and then I’m on holiday for a week. I
was hoping for finer weather – who knows, it might change….? But Gary and I are planning a day in London at the start of the week and visiting family towards the end. In between I’m seeing a lot of together time and movie watching which I can’t wait for. Oh and probably quite a bit of eating 😀 It’s also G Man’s birthday right at the end of the holiday, so I want to make sure I make a bit of fuss. I’m excited!

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2 thoughts on “Work Hard to Play Hard

  1. So the movie was good? I’m currently listening to the audiobook while I run (at the rate I’m going, I’ll finish in a month lol) so I was thinking of watching the movie when I finish.

    You can have spring, it came to Houston a few weeks ago which means summer is probably coming next week lol.

    1. It was REALLY good. Though I have a feeling the book will be different. The movie had a very Cameron Crowe feel about it which I can’t imagine the book could have had! But if you do watch it once you’re done with the book, I’d be interested to know what you thought of the difference between the two.

      I’ll take your spring. I’m watching the news and there’s a news anchor standing in a foot of snow. Boo!

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