Let’s Eat and Shop!

Hello! I haven’t posted in over a week – craziness. I’ve been feeling a little exhausted and less than fun, so on my days off last week I chilled out and spent time with Gary when I could.

On Saturday night after I’d finished work we took a drive to our favourite local American Diner, Buddies. I have been wanting to try something they’d just put on their menu recently. Having been a fan of chips with gravy for some time, I was intrigued to find out it’s somewhat of a delicacy in Canada, except they add cheese. It’s called Poutine and when I saw that Buddies had added it, with optional toppings, I knew I had to try it. I went for poutine with pulled pork, fried onions and gravy.


I have to say despite the size of the portion being enough for two, the food was stunning. I’ll definitely order this the next time I’m there. So good. Half the fun of going to Buddies is the drive. It’s a minimum of half an hour there and back, and we love to turn the music up loud and have a good old sing along. We’ve mostly been blaring out Taylor Swift. Incidentally this a bonus track from her latest album Red, which, I think,  should have been on the album. It’s epic.

We decided to go to Bluewater shopping centre on Sunday and have a mooch around. I ate lunch from Wasabi, and it was the first time I’d tried anything from there. I had Chicken Katsu Yakisoba, which was so delicious. I’ll definitely eat there again.


I also sampled a piece of cake from Lola’s Cupcakes. It was apple and cinnamon flavour and was so yummy. It was moist and springy and fresh. Better than Hummingbird bakery which can be a little dry. I was very impressed.

We had a look in Uniqlo and I bought a lovely tunic from the Celia Birtwell range. I can’t wait for the weather to change for good so that I can wear it. I also bought some Lemony Flutter from Lush because my cuticles are wrecked from this cold weather. It’s also good on elbows and heels! I WILL be spring ready! And I treated myself to a Butterball bath bomb – though I used it last night and I’m sure they use much less oil in it now than they used to. Anyway, those were my treats.

When we got back we were really tired out so we crashed in front of the TV. We watched Cabin in the Woods for the first time. I’m a huge Joss Whedon fan but this movie fell flat for me. It was a little odd. I have just bought the Japanese film ‘A Tale of Two Sisters’ which I’m looking forward to watching. I don’t know anything about it but it seems to have good reviews!

On the reading front, I have so far this year given up on two books. It’s something I decided last year I wouldn’t do because I wanted to hit my 40 book challenge. But this year I’m finding that I haven’t got the time for books I don’t like! I borrowed my first book on my Kindle last week, Tom’s Midnight Garden, after it was recommended by a girl I work with. I’m about a quarter through and it’s good so far. I am finding I have less time to read at the moment, which is a shame. I’m just so tired all the time!

On the up side, the weather seems to be improving and next weekend they’re saying it could get to 15c – tropical! Here’s hoping!

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One thought on “Let’s Eat and Shop!

  1. I had a butterball bath last night too. You may be right that they are less buttery, but I was moisturised enough by it and the bath was a little less coated.
    15c at the weekend? Woo hoo!

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