My Week and Cool Stuff

Since my last ‘what I have been doing’ blog, I haven’t really been up to much! I worked the whole of last weekend, so I had two days off during the week. I spent it cleaning and tidying and today I had an interview. I’m job hunting again so that when my contract ends I have a job to go to!

In between the weather has picked up. It’s no longer so freezing cold you need to wear 18 layers. Yes, it’s still coat weather but it’s humid and occasionally warm. It’s rainy but I’ll take that over the cold – after all it is April!

Cool news though; Gary and I have got tickets to An Evening with Al Pacino at the London Palladium in June!! It’s an evening with the man himself talking about his career and answering questions. I’m not sure I’m ready to be in the same room as that much Cool, but I’ve got some time to prepare myself! I’m super excited.

Also, remember I mentioned one of my favourite blogs ‘Movies of Myself’, written by my friend Beckie? Well she got married recently and her wedding was featured on a blog called ‘When Geeks Wed‘. Go take a look at the amazing details she managed to put into her wedding! She even decided to fit into her theme a metal ‘Love’ sign I sent her a few years ago, which is featured in one of the photos (and I am so touched by).

I have some time off coming up and have a few things planned for it. Mostly trips with friends, but I want to get on top of organising the house and taking some photos too! And some serious me time 🙂 I’m also kinda hoping that the weather will have settled in by then so I can spend some time outside and get me some much-needed sun vitamins! We might go and see Finding Nemo in 3D at the weekend too!

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One thought on “My Week and Cool Stuff

  1. It is so sweet of you to write about our wedding blog post, Erin! I was originally going to use the ‘Love’ for our engagement photos but forgot to bring it with me to L.A. Then when I was putting things together for the wedding I knew it would be perfect for our table 🙂 It was so sweet of you to send it!

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