Run for It!

The weather is on the turn for the better and so when Gary and I had today off together we decided to hot foot it to London to soak in the atmosphere and cheer on the London Marathon runners.

We decided to stop at the Embankment 25 mile checkpoint, because we would get there in time to see the Men’s Elite group run through. The weather was sunny but with a cool breeze. We found a great spot where we could see the runners come by and in the end spent a few hours there cheering as they went past. It was fantastic giving the runners a push on with some encouragement and cheers.

Runners going past Big Ben, Lining the streets, Ice Cream at Gelupo
Runners going past Big Ben, Lining the streets, Ice Cream at Gelupo

Before we knew it, it was 2pm, we’d been there a long while and we had to eat so we begrudgingly got the tube to Hyde Park and went for lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe. I decided to have their ribs – delish! Then we headed to Leicester Square. We were amazed by the number of marathon runners, still wearing their medals but walking around and sight-seeing or shopping as if they hadn’t just run 26 miles!

We walked to Gelupo Gelato in Soho. I mentioned them in a blog once before when I tried their ricotta, coffee and honey gelato, so I couldn’t wait to see what they had this time. Gary went for a scoop of blood orange flavour. I went for kiwi, gin and elderflower. It was amazing! Really refreshing but cream, full of flavour and very satisfying.

It was a fantastic day. I must say I’ve been really inspired by the marathon today. The runners were all wearing black ribbons in memory of Boston, there was such an atmosphere amongst the crowd giving support for the runners, and the weather was just right for the runners. We’ll definitely go back next year. I’ve even been inspired to put running the London Marathon onto my bucket list. It’s really something I’d love to do in the next few years. I’d better get my running shoes on….. anyone wanna do it with me?

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