Today Was a Good Day

Yes, today was a good day!

I had a visit from our Area Manager which I had to hold by myself as the Manager is away. The visit went really well! I had some good news about the interview I went on last week – I got a second interview! And I also found out there is a position in the company I’m with at the moment which I want to apply for. Our store got a really good mystery shop result today too!

What also made it great was that the weather has been booming today. Such a beautiful day and tomorrow is meant to be even better! I even got my feet out of their socks today and wore sandals! Whoop 😀

In other news, I trapped my finger in a door yesterday and I still can’t feel the end of it properly, and it’s gone a little blue. The air went a little blue when I did it too…..

And in the spirit of the wonderful weather, here’s a song that always boosts my spirits.

Turn it up loud!

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