Yay for Holiday

I’m on holiday for a day shy of two weeks! Whoop! I’d love to say I’ve got loads planned but some of my plans have fallen through, so I really don’t. BUT I do get to spend the whole Bank Holiday weekend with G Man which never ever happens. I hope the weather is good!

Last night I went out with people from work to say goodbye to the current manager who is returning to her home of Scotland and will be working in Edinburgh. I need to plan a trip to visit her – maybe during Fringe? We had dinner and then went and had a drink in a bar looking onto the real snow ski slopes and watched the skiers and snowboarders. It was really nice and relaxing!

I’ve got odd things planned during my time off, including going to the new house of one of my best friends and having dinner there, the night before I return to work. It’ll be really good way to end my holiday 🙂

The weather was amazing at the start of the week so I got into the garden and ploughed the lawn (you don’t mow our lawn…..) which was really satisfying to do. It’s already growing back though since we had rain at the tail end of the week. I’m really hoping it improves again though because everyone’s just so much happier when the sun’s shining!

I’ve got some nice meals planned for this week – using my slow cooker again on Wednesday as I have the time to prepare stuff and set it on cooking. I’m also planning on going into London again and have a mooch around – maybe even take some photos! I still really want to get into running too – I’m sure it’s more than just a fad – so I might go into the Asics store on Oxford Street and check out what they have. They have a running clinic where they can scan your feet and running movements and work out which shoe is best for you. I can’t wait to get started!

Yay for holiday!

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