The Sweet and the Sweaty

Yesterday G Man and I decided to take a trip to London and have a look at the running shops they’ve got there, since I had no clue about running or shoes or what to wear or anything. We got there a little early and not much was open, so we saw it as a fab opportunity to have a wander around the food court in Selfridges (well what else could we do?) We stumbled across some amazing chocolates and some fantastic sweets – also Bacon Jam. It was very tempting but I couldn’t see the use for it really. More about the chocolates later!

We headed for the Adidas shop once it had opened and I tried on some kit. I found some really good stuff in there. Perfect basic starter stuff as I haven’t a clue what I’ll find comfortable. Then we went to Footlocker because we’d seen some Nike Free trainers in MK and we wanted to get some advice. The guy in the shop really had no idea what he was talking about. The soles all had different numbers on them which we thought must be different levels of support (which it turns out it was) but the fella told us it was because they were different colours and materials. Needless to say we left without anything and headed for Nike Town.

Nike Town was heaving busy but we managed to corner a staff member who told us I needed a gait analysis to see what sort of running style I had and therefore what shoe I would need. My first time on a treadmill, I was recorded on an iPad running and from this they could see if I under or over pronated on either foot. I slightly over pronated on my right food but not enough to worry about so they said I needed a neutral shoe and in fact the ones I had tested in were perfect and I liked the colour, so I bought them! The service there was top-notch, we were really impressed! Say hello to my Nike Air Pegasus 29 running shoes!


After Nike Town we realised we needed lunch so we headed to Bodean’s BBQ restaurant and had lunch. I had grilled BBQ chicken with coconut rice and mixed vegetables. I meant to take a photo but only realised I hadn’t once I was half way done! Never mind!

From here we headed back to Selfridges to pick up a few bits we had seen previously but didn’t want to carry around. We headed straight for the Artisan du Chocolat section where the lovely girls had allowed us to try some chocolates earlier in the day. We bought some praline Rocher and some salted caramel chocolates infused with sage and thyme. The infused chocolates had been made exclusively for Claridges and Gordon Ramsey, but they sold them there too. The taste is amazing. (The packaging is also very reminiscent of Chanel No.5!) We also chose three discs (or Os) each with different flavoured centres. I chose Honey, Pistachio and Pecan Cinnamon. Gary chose Cherry, Mint and Praline. I can’t wait to try them!


Gary said it was the best chocolate he’d ever tasted and I’m inclined to agree. The quality was incredible.

So I’d got my trainers and my gear, all I needed was to run! I also really wanted to get something that could measure my runs when I was out so today we headed to a new outdoors shop and had a look at their range. I was convinced I was going to buy a Garmin FR10 in one of the pretty colours, but when I arrived I spotted the Nike+ Sportband. It comes with a Nike+ sensor that goes into your shoe and then the band reads your run via the chip. The digital part of the watch is actually a USB stick that just pops out of the band and goes straight into the computer to analyse your run. It’s really light and bright and can be used as a watch too. It was also half the price of the Garmin!


Today was the Milton Keynes Marathon and I really wanted to cheer on the runners. The race ended at the MK Dons stadium so we went for around the time we thought people would be finishing. We sat in the stands and were able to cheer on the men and saw the first woman finisher too. I have a lot of admiration for anyone who completes a marathon especially on the hottest day of the year so far. That could be me some day!

And speaking of my running – I went on my first run EVER this afternoon. Now I’m a little annoyed because I forgot to press start on my sportband as I set off and only remembered half way through, so I didn’t get an accurate reading but let’s just call it a test for the watch! I’m not going to share my stats because they’re probably very shameful and I barely ran far but it was a start. I went to the post box to post a letter and back. I went all out instead of jogging, which might have been a bad idea. I was knackered to start with but found a rhythm and a pace on the way back. My chest kinda burned. But I did it. And I know it will get easier and I want to carry on which is a good start. I’ll be back out tomorrow 🙂

So now I have questions for my running readers. What advice were you given when you started running? What advice was rubbish and what do you wish you’d been told? What can’t you live without when you run? How did you break through the tough start? All advice is very much welcomed!
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3 thoughts on “The Sweet and the Sweaty

  1. YAY!!! I am so excited for you, and so glad you got a gait analysis and those pretty shoes!

    What I wish I had been told: a) it doesn’t ever get easier but you do get better at it. Actually, someone did tell me that eventually, but it’s best to know now… it doesn’t get easier because you’re going to always want to keep pushing yourself.

    Also, start slow. You can hurt yourself (and I have) by pushing yourself too far or too fast. Look for training plans to gradually build yourself up to running 5k… there are a bunch of different plans so find what works for you.

    Stretch! Once you really get into running, get a foam roller – it will help so much!

    What can’t I live without? Either music or my audiobook. Good headphones that stay in my ear. Gum for when I get parched. My flipbelt to hold everything.

    How did I break through? By looking at how much I’ve done. Once you hit a certain point, just remind yourself how far you’ve come. Example: yesterday I wanted to run 5.5 miles. I was tired at around 3. But I was like, look I’m halfway done. I’m over half way done. Keep going for a bit longer. Then I was at 4 miles, then 4 and a half and it was like, 10 more minutes. You can run for 10 more minutes.

    Okay LONGEST comment EVER!! Sorry, I’m just so excited for you. Hope you’re gonna post a review of your fuelband, would love to learn more about it!

    1. Thank you! I’m so excited too!

      Great advice 🙂 This is exactly the kind of stuff I’m after 🙂 No doubt I’ll have more questions so be ready 😀

      Once I’ve used the band a bit more I’ll be sure to review it. The girl who demonstrated it for me didn’t have Nike shoes but had a little velcro attachment on her laces which worked with the Nike band instead. There’s a lot to it and I need to work out what it all does but I’m really impressed with it 🙂

      Well done for pushing through when you felt tired. I’m looking forward to feeling that way 🙂

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