My Week So Far

So it was back to work this weekend and back into the swing of things. Having a new manager covering until another new manager came in was a bit of a shock to the system but new eyes bring new ideas and I’m ready to embrace them.

I also had to try to figure out when I was going to plan runs into my schedule, and whether I was eating and drinking enough to make sure I was at my best when I did run.  So far I’ve done pretty well I think. I’ve planned 4 runs in for the week. I went on my first run in the rain on Sunday after work and it was fairly refreshing but a little windier than I’d like. Today I was trying to avoid the rain and made my mile with an average pace of 8′ 59″. Going forward I just need to focus on distance instead of pace, since I now know I can get away with slowing a bit.

Today I had an interview for a job I really really want. I think it went okay but I’ve got everything crossed. I know if I don’t get it that it just wasn’t meant to be but still…. I want it!

Also – exciting news: I signed up for my first 5k run! (Notice how I said first!) It’s the Race for Life for Cancer Research UK and it’s at the end of June. My lovely friend Tash of Life in Kaleidoscope is running it with me and since we’re both new runners we both need a lot of support – so motivational words are very welcomed! I am super excited though, and really pleased I was able to sign up for an event so soon – it’s really giving me focus to keep going.

So what’s coming up next? Well The Eurovision Song Contest is on Saturday and it’s tradition in my family that my Mum and Sister and I gather at one of our homes and we watch the drivel that’s Eurovision. We’re also going to a restaurant which Gary and I love and has just opened a branch near to our home – we’re taking my Mum and Dad so they can sample the delights! I can’t wait!
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2 thoughts on “My Week So Far

  1. Ok let me say first – your running pace makes me want to curl up and cry. I wish I were as speedy as you. That said, I’m excited to see how excited you are getting about running, that’s awesome that you signed up for a 5k.. wish I were there to cheer you on in person!

    Good luck on that interview!

    1. Haha! Well I’m only doing 1 mile runs at the moment. I need to start extending them so my pace is bound to change. I’ve tired to go slower, honest!! Xx

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