Struggling to Keep Up!

I’ve been struggling this year at keeping up with my reading challenge – or just reading in general. Things have either gotten in the way or I’m just not enjoying the books I’m reading.

Until two days ago I’d been struggling with a book about the Holocaust. It seems it was a little too heavy to dip in and out so I have decided to spend a little money on some books. I’ve been only reading books I can get on 99p Kindle deals or for less than £2.00, but I realised I’m buying books that don’t really interest or grip me.

Today I had a book delivery (I love Amazon Prime!) of two books I’ve had on my wish list since before they were published in the UK. One is The Death of Bees and the other is The Uninvited. I also downloaded Dark Places by Gillian Flynn, onto my Kindle. She wrote Gone Girl which I read earlier this year, and I figured that if I read something where I’m already familiar with the writer, it might help me to get into the book more easily. It seems to be working and in my first sitting I read 7% of the book. I’m looking forward to getting stuck into something good again!

This week I have two days off in a row (today and tomorrow) and I have decided I need to set aside some time specifically for reading  – and try not to fall asleep instead!

If anyone has any good recommendations for books I should try out next, please do! I’d love to hear what’s out and about 🙂
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2 thoughts on “Struggling to Keep Up!

    1. Haha! I flit between the two. Sometimes real books are cheaper than Kindle ones because they charge VAT on Kindle ones. It’s all a bit odd. I also still like stacking books up once I’ve read them so I don’t think I’ll ever stop buying real ones. It’s like a trophy cabinet having all my well read books lined up 🙂

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