Let’s Get This Out Of My System

Right, here it is: the big running post.

I’m aware that not all of you will be interested in running, and I’m really aware that I don’t want this to become a running blog. So I’m going to put it all down here, from start to present, and get it out of my system. Of course running is becoming a big thing for me so I will be mentioning it and writing about any events I might do, but I’m going to shake it all down here so what’s gone on so far is done and there’s a line under it!

My first experience with running was when I was a kid and Blue Peter were doing one of their Fun Run events – they were dotted around the country and there was a local one. So Mum told me I’d need to practice running before we signed up so that I knew I could do it. I was a fat little kid and half way down the road I wanted to collapse in a wheezing heap. I gave up.

Can you tell it was the 90’s?

Fast forward to the Olympics last year and G Man and I had tickets to the athletics. The whole thing was amazing. Watching people using their own body strength to achieve was amazing. Jess Ennis had seen the Olympics four years before and said to herself that when they next came around she would be competing for medals. And she did. What an inspiration! I came away feeling really motivated to do something, but I didn’t know what.


One of my best friends, Jen, is really into fitness and gym work. Having worked for a gym in the past she knows a lot about fitness and since leaving there she has continued to pound it out at the gym 5 times a week – even taking part in boot camps. I have flitted with the idea of various different things. I even bought the 30 Day Shred and haven’t ever opened the box. Every time I came to her with a different whim she could tell I didn’t really want to do it. Being the politest she could be she would usually listen to be blabber on about it and come up with different excuses as to why I couldn’t commit. At the end she’d say “Erin, it doesn’t sound like you want to do this”. And she was right. (That’s what great friends are for!)

Jen and Me – yeah a lot of our photos involved us pulled odd faces…. this was the best one!

Then G Man and I decided that as we were both off for the day we’d trek to London and watch some of the Marathon. It was days after the Boston Marathon so it was on everyone’s mind and we wanted to show support in our own way. Watching all those people who have trained hard and who were out there doing it was so inspiring. I caught the bug.

Now I can’t say the idea to run just jumped into my head. One of my friends on the net, Ari, took up running about a year ago and has been posting her progress online ever since. As a busy woman working, but still running, I found her inspirational too – and so motivating. She introduced me to a world of runners online – a massive running family all spurring each other on.

Next I had to get G Man on board. It wasn’t going to be a cheap hobby to start and we both needed to know that I was going to really go for it, and not leave my kit at the back of the cupboard along with my 30 Day Shred and my Teach Yourself Japanese kit. Having a two-week break and not much to do really made me want to run more. The weather was great and I kept posting online that “I just want to run”. I remember Ari telling me “run if you want to run”! But I only had Converse and nothing else, and seriously, have you ever tried running in Converse? It’s like wearing flippers…. But one day it struck me. Just because I could run didn’t mean I couldn’t walk. So I got up that second and walked down to the train station to meet Gary from work. That click in my head was all I needed to know I was serious and that weekend we went back to London to get my kit. (You can read all about that here if you wanna!)

And the rest is history – you can read my last few posts about my starting running and progressing, I won’t rehash it all here. But I’m still feeling motivated. I have a few people who I talk to online about it, and one of my friends, Tash, is running a 5k with me at the end of June. I’m training for that now, and today I ran my furthest distance of 2.73 km. I was so excited to tell Jen how I had started running and was going for it for real. I like the strong feeling I get from running and how I can push myself to do more considering I’m only on my 3rd week of running. And when I run I run towards a mirage of medals and shiny kit – yes it’s great that I’ll get healthy and maybe even a tan if the sun decides to show again, but I’m super excited about the medals – I’m not gonna lie! Stay tuned for a running kit blog where I’ll talk about what I use and how it suits me.

In other non running news, I’m loving my new Gillian Flynn book Dark Places and I’m already half way through! I found out yesterday I didn’t get the job I’d interviewed for but I seem to have made enough of an impression that they’ve put someone onto the case of finding me something perfect before my contract ends. I’m thankful for that and I trust that they feel they can find something better for me than the position I applied for – obviously it wasn’t right for me. I trust in fate that the right thing will happen. Until then I’ll just keep running!

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2 thoughts on “Let’s Get This Out Of My System

  1. Yay I love this post! 🙂 And I love seeing you post about running, I know you don’t want this blog to be all about running but what’s the harm in posting every once in a while? That’s great that you’re doing so well so soon already in running, I’m so proud of you (and maybe a teensy bit jealous that you’re doing so much better than me lol) and I can’t wait to hear how the 5k goes, and beyond!

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