Cheese, Chats and Champs!

All week I have been ridiculously excited about finishing work on Saturday because it meant it was time for cheese. A few weeks ago one of the girls in my Book Club group (no books, lots of wine) invited the rest of the group over to hers for a wine and cheese evening and a good old gossip. If you know me you know I’m a sucker for cheese, specifically vintage cheddar (the stronger the better!).

So I bought some of the best ‘special occasion’ cheddar I could find and brought my offering over to her’s last night. My choice was a nice big wedge of Snowdonia’s Amber Mist – whiskey infused cheddar. It’s super yummy. After a nice glass of fizz and a nosey of her house, we sat in Caz’s living room and began the gossip. We had a look through her photos from a recent trip to Thailand and then when we got a bit peckish we dug into the offerings. Collectively we had brought a heap of cheese, meats, crackers, bread, relishes and olives. It was amazing! And so tasty.


I’d been given some choccy samples to try out for review so I’d brought those too and we all had a nibble. Soon we were wine, cheese and chocolated out! At about midnight we started talking scary films and ghosts  – I don’t know why this always happens. When I was a kid at sleep overs we would often turn to scary stories around midnight. It wasn’t a conscious thing, but it happened a lot! I guess some things never change 😀 More chats and some cups of tea later, we realised it was coming to 2am and we should probably go home and sleep! Especially since me and another in the group, Tash, were going to be meeting up only 12 hours later for our first run together!

It was a really lovely evening with great company. I’d love to do it regularly!

This morning I managed to sleep in until about half 9 which was hard since I usually naturally wake up around 8:30 on a day off. The sun was shining and it promised to be a wonderful day. Gary and I got up and went out for a drive. I went into a running shop and got some new shorts for when the weather hots up. I discovered that this particular running shop holds a running club on Wednesdays for beginners – and it’s free! Worth remembering.

We then headed to the MK Dons stadium where they have been holding Collectormania all weekend – it’s a nerd convention. Since I’m a nerd I felt right at home! Though there were too many people dressed up for my liking. I saw a Freddy Krueger, Cyborg and Darth Vader that were far too scary to walk next to.

We headed home. Tash picked me up and we headed off to an area nearby which was so pretty and has a canal running along side it. Not really knowing how long the circuit was I was hoping I’d be able to make it through okay considering I’d had to take a 4 day running break to recover my painful knee.

I have to say Tash and I seem to have a very similar pace. She was worried she might be a bit slow but she’s gazelle-like and I felt like a troll plodding alongside her. She glides when she runs! When we got to inclines she actually got faster where as I was struggling to make it up! I hadn’t let my lunch settle for long enough and got a really painful side which almost stopped the whole thing. I was so annoyed and frustrated that I might have to sabotage the run, but managed to breathe it out, thankfully. At the end we had done about 2.5 miles (I’m still not sure my Sportband is fully calibrated because I’ve not done a run where I know the exact exact distance – but it’s only maybe about 0.05 off!) We seem to run well together because Tash pushes me on to get up the hills and our pace is similar. She’s going to have to get used to me verbally pushing myself on though! We’ve got another run of the same route planned tomorrow after work, and hopefully I won’t get a stitch this time, because I HATE walking when I’m training!

In related news, I have set up the Just Giving page for the event we’re training for! The Race for Life is to raise money for Cancer Research UK and our donation page is here. If you feel like you want to sponsor us and fight cancer at the same time, please visit the page and donate what you can no matter how small – and don’t forget to Gift Aid it! We would be super grateful and you’d make us THIS happy:


I know we’ll be able to smash the 5k – only a month of training left to go!

Stay tuned for my chocolates review, which include photos of my lovely friends from our wine and cheese evening. It’s going to be special!

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One thought on “Cheese, Chats and Champs!

  1. Mmmm cheeeeese. 🙂 Way to go on the run, you’re doing fantastic. Don’t worry about the pace, that’ll come. I say that even tho you know how slow I am – I tried to run at your pace today and couldn’t… even 9 min miles were sooo fast to me!

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