The Most Chocolatiest Chocolate

I’ve never had a sweet tooth. My go to dessert was always something refreshing rather than creamy. As a child I was allergic to chocolate (the horror!) so I never really got into the whole chocaholic thing. Though as I got older I found that dark chocolate was more readily available than it had been and I’d like nothing more than to tuck into a bar of cooking chocolate (as it usually was back then!) or some Bourneville. Along with my fondness for dark chocolate came an appreciation for coffee, liquorice and black olives. I always think these tastes go hand in hand – don’t ask me why.

Not too long ago it was reported that dark chocolate could be good for you due to the amount of antioxidants present in it. What more reason do you need to tuck in?

Recently, whilst having a mooch around Sainsbury’s, I discovered Beyond Dark Moments of Pleasure. There were three flavours – plain, hints of raspberry and hints of orange. I decided for about a £1 for a 35g bag of neat little buttons it was well worth a try so I bought a pack of the plain flavour. The first couple of drops were very strong, but soon I found myself shovelling the whole bag into my mouth. So more-ish and delicious. I went a bit gaga over them! Then the lovely people at Beyond Dark said they would send me some bags of all the flavours for review, so I figured what better occasion to test them than at a girly evening of wine and cheese – chocolate goes perfectly for dessert!

The goods.

As you can see from the photo, I had already started tucking into the raspberry flavour.

Here’s a little bit about the chocolates. First of all they’re gluten, wheat, dairy and nut free and are suitable for vegetarians and vegans – which was great because one of our group, Hayley, is lactose intolerant. After having more cheese than she probably should have she was sure that she wouldn’t be able to have ANY of the chocolates, but she was super pleased she could have as much as she wanted!

Hayley can eat a whole bag if she wants because they’re dairy free!

The 35g bags are only 189 kilocalories (each drop is about 1.6kcal) and with 70% cocoa content they are full of healthy antioxidants.

Once we’d all tucked into some of the flavours I asked the girls what they thought.

Deep in analytical chocolate eating mode.

Hayley said it was “the most chocolatiest chocolate I’ve ever had”. General consensus was that as a dairy free product the chocolate was amazingly creamy and rich, with a very smooth flavour. It has the bitterness associated with dark chocolate but it creates a more-ish taste in your mouth! The raspberry and orange flavoured ones had a very subtle flavour but it was a really good balance with the taste of the chocolate. They were a hit all round and a great way to round off the food at our wine and cheese evening!

Beyond Dark are on Facebook and Twitter (@beyonddarkdrops). They ask that you share with them your favourite #momentsofpleasure  (eg. a sunset, a smile) and every week they choose the best ones and send out free samples. So get sharing and you too could be sampling the wonders of Beyond Dark chocolate drops!

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Beyond Dark provided me with samples, for free, to share with my friends and review for my readers. They’re available to buy from Sainsbury’s, Holland & Barrett, Harrods of London and 850 selected independent retailers. Though I got a few freebie bags, my review is my own (and my friend’s) honest opinion!

6 thoughts on “The Most Chocolatiest Chocolate

    1. Englad definitely has the best chocolates! American stuff is too bitter. I’m going to have to hunt these out on my food shop today! 🙂

    1. It was horrible as a child when I saw my big sister with a huge chocolate birthday cake and I couldn’t have any! But now I’m thankful I haven’t got a taste for it – much healthier to eat a yogurt 🙂

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