Healthy and it Tastes Good? What?

If you follow my blog, you will know that I love my food. You’ll also know that my choice is usually to grab something fairly healthy to eat – as long as it’s tasty! I love yogurt. I love it on muesli, with fruit on top, on its own, greek with honey – any which way.

A while back my twitter feed was filled with American friends going mental about a brand called Chobani. I sent out a tweet asking what was so good about it and they replied that it was amazing yogurt. I also saw a link between the yogurt and fitness and discovered that this desert was 0% fat and full of protein! What? I needed to try it out!

Not only were twitter peeps raving about it but I started to see Pinterest recipes pop up, with Chobani as a fat-free alternative to sour cream, milk, oil, butter, mayo, cream cheese and buttermilk. In the right recipes, Chobani could be the perfect healthy alternative.

So having gotten a little too excited in my local Tesco when I saw a pot of plain Chobani on the shelf, I realised that they had moved over to conquer the UK! I contacted the UK Chobani guys on twitter and they said they would send me a full range of their little pots for me to try!


And they did! They also sent me a handwritten card wishing me well with my yogurt, a conversion magnet for replacing fats with Chobani in recipes, an info pack with recipes in it and some vouchers so I could get more free pots!

If you can’t make it out from the photo, the flavours are Peach, Strawberry, Raspberry, Pomegranate, Blood Orange and Cherry.

The first thing I noticed was that the pot is not see through at all. I kinda wanted to see what the layer of fruit under the yogurt looked like – but that’s just me! The first flavour I tried was peach. I peeled back the lid and stuck my spoon in – and it stayed standing up. Yes this greek yogurt is that thick. Seriously thick. It won’t pour – it’s a little like set yogurt. They put it down to their authentic straining process and as a result it contains twice the protein of any other yogurt. (It’s also gluten-free, certified kosher and over 95% lactose free, on top of being 100% fat-free!)

I’d say the pot is 80% yogurt and 20% fruit on the bottom, but this seems to work well. It’s a refreshing compote of fruit and has a real fruit bits in it. The first pot I ate as pudding after lunch and left it about 45 mins before I went for a run. I found that my lunch had been so filling that I got a stitch half way into my run (so much protein!). After finding this out I have been eating my other pots as a filling snack  – it really is that satisfying!

I slowly worked my way through the other 5 pots and the verdict is -YUM! My favourite flavours were Pomegranate and Raspberry. Really tart but sweet and refreshing with real bits of fruit in it. I now have none in my fridge and will have to make a detour to a non-local Tesco to get a refill, because mine doesn’t sell the little pots!

Chobani is sold at Tesco in small 170g pots and large plain 454g pots. The small pots have the fruit flavours in. Their website Chobani UK, has a store locator on it which will tell you what size pots your local store will sell – so you don’t get disappointed! I’ve yet to try the yogurt in any cooking, but I’d be interested to try!

Chobani sell a Flip version of their yogurt in US with some wonderful sounding combinations. The UK guys have announced some new flavours of their 0% pots will be launching soon, so I’m hoping that they will consider bringing their Flips over too! Fingers crossed!

Have you tried Chobani in your cooking? What’s the verdict?

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Chobani provided me with 6 free pots of their yummy yogurt so I could let you guys know about it. This review is my honest opinion.

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